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 About Us

At RUF Motors Sports we are dedicating our time and energy into providing people with the knowledge they need to have about batteries that power automobiles and other motorized vehicles, and about the battery chargers available to keep those batteries fully functional.

We believe that whatever you do, you should do it to the best of your abilities. We take this statement very seriously and try to provide you with information and resources that will be beneficial to you.

Our Main Objective is to Educate the Public

If people know more about the batteries that are on their vehicles then they will be better prepared to maintain those batteries and extend the life of the batteries. Battery chargers can play a major part in the maintenance of vehicle batteries, but many people are unaware of what these charging systems are now capable of doing.

Battery chargers can now provide small charges for long periods of time so vehicles that do not get used very often can always have a hot battery that is ready to go when you are ready to use it.

Battery chargers can now be purchased that are fully automatic so you simply connect the device to your battery and let the machine decide what type of charge your battery needs, how long your battery needs to charge, and they can even detect the health of the battery they are connected to. Battery charges can detect when the battery is compromised by sulfate build-up or buckled plates. Many of these machines can now tell you if your alternator on your vehicle is functioning at 100% so you will know why your battery is losing power.

Not every battery charger can be used on any battery. There are different types of batteries under the hoods of the vehicles on the roads and in the waterways. Some battery chargers will only charge one type of battery, and some battery chargers will charge multiple types of batteries.

Our goal is to make sure you know what types of batteries are possibly powering your vehicle, and that you understand what battery charger, or what special precautions you may have to take when charging those batteries.

We gain our knowledge from the products we review and from experts in the area of battery production and usage, and car battery charger productions and usage. We make no assumptions, we provide only the facts that will allow you to make the choices you need to make.

We Review Products for You to Save You Time and Money

We review battery chargers and battery accessories so you can discover which items will do the work you need them to do before you spend any money. We know that the majority of people live very busy lives and usually do not have much time to spend on researching products like battery chargers.

We test the battery chargers and try out all of the features on these items so we can honestly recommend machines, and you can make an informed decision before you spend any money. We do not accept payments from manufacturers to tell say that their charging systems are better than others. We try out each battery charger that we review so we know exactly how the machine works and can give you the pros and cons of the device.

Safety First

We take the safety of our crew and your safety very seriously. We test every safety feature that is on each battery charger so that we can tell you which device is going to be the easiest and the safest to you. An improperly connected charging system can create dangerous situations, so we want you to know which chargers will prevent accidents.

At RUF Motors Sports we take the responsibility we have to share with the public all of the knowledge we gain through battery charger testing, research, and speaking with professionals about batteries, chargers, and everything related to these items.

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