Superwinch Terra 35 Reviews, Installation and Maintenance

There is no doubt that the most popular and best-selling ATV winches are those made by Superwinch, they are not the cheapest around but they are not the most expensive by any means. Below are a few of the most popular models sorted by the pulling capacity to help you narrow your search field.

If you want to cut to the chase and find the best high capacity general-purpose utility vehicle winch our top pick is the Superwinch Terra 35 3500lbs ATV Winch model 1135220 with a single line pull and a roller fairlead.

Your Desired ATV Winch

While we are not able to single out any particular winch as being the absolute best model, the Terra 3500lb from Superwinch is the best ATV winch we could find within this class of utility vehicle winches and is our top pick because of what is included in the package and the great customer feedback. This is a perfect winch for your jeep as well.

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A Look At The Main Features of this kit:

●   Powers loads in and out
●   50 feet of 13/64 inch steel wire cable
●   Mechanical load holding and dynamic brake
●   All steel planetary gear and oiled bronze bearings
●   Cam-action free spool clutch mechanism
●   Sealed 1.6 hp permanent magnet motor
●   Overload protection
●   Sealed solenoid contacts
●   4-way roller fairlead
●   Heavy duty latched hook with thimble
●   Limited lifetime warranty
●   Handheld remote switch included
●   Mounting Plate included
●   Handlebar Switch include

Review of the Superwinch Terra 35 ATV Winch

If you are looking for a great general-purpose winch for your utility vehicle the Superwinch Terra 35 gives you everything you need in one package.
It is robustly made with steel planet gears and bronze bearings with oil pockets that will ensure a long life.

The Superwinch Terra 35 kit comes with a universal mounting plate, but because there are so many different vehicles the standard plate may not fit your particular ATV, so be prepared for this by either buying a mount, adapting the one in the kit or fabricating one to suit your particular vehicle.

A couple of important things to remember about winching in general, the heavier the load you are pulling the greater the power required from the motor (in Amps) and the slower the pull will be compared to much lighter loads.

The Terra 35 can use either synthetic or steel cable, this model comes with 50 feet of the steel variety, 5.2 mm in diameter.

The 4-way fairlead allows you to pull from all directions without chafing the cable or abraiding anything.

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The all-important clutch has a free spool facility, which can quickly be engaged to pull out more cable quickly without waiting for the drum to unwind it.

A good safety feature of the Terra 35 winch is a mechanical brake for extra safety when holding a load and a dynamic braking system to minimize the possibility of cable slippage in the event of power failure or surge and to provide fast stopping of the drum.

To ensure you keep a safe distance away when pulling awkwardly the Terra 35 kit includes a remote switch with ten feet of cable, otherwise when its safe users can use the included handlebar toggle switch.

The kit comes with all the necessary wiring, connectors and fittings as well as good, clear fitting and assembly instructions.

The Terra 35 weighs 20 pounds and its dimensions are approximately 13.4 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches

Pros and Cons:

There are pros and cons to everything and the Superwinch Terra 35 is no exception to this rule.


  • The gears are as much as twice the width of most normal ATV winch gears so the gears are easier to engage and they last longer
  • The motor terminals can be rotated so they can be made fit better when you are installing in a tight place
  • The drums are reinforced steel and not cast aluminum. This means the drums are stronger and more resilient
  • The motor bearings are sealed so weather and dust particles are not a factor in how well the winch operates, or how long the winch lasts.


  • The remote is not wireless
  • The remote only has a 10’ cable lead

Superwinch Terra 35 Installation

Once you get your winch home you have to install it on your ATV. One of the greatest things about this winch is the fact that it is easy to install.


  1. First, remove the bumper from your ATV
  2. Install the winch mount and then the winch and fairlead as well as the hand start rope or cable according to the specific instructions that came with your winch prior to replacing the bumper on the ATV. (Many of the machines that you want to install the winch on will require you to buy a specific mounting bracket in order to get the winch to properly fit into place. Check the measurements of the bolt pattern on the mounting plate that comes with the winch to verify if it can be used on your ATV or if you will need a specialized mounting plate.)
  3. The mounting plates will come with bolts that are specifically designed to be used in the installation. Put the bolts in place but do not completely tighten the bolts onto the mounting plate until you have gotten all of the bolts started. Once all of the bolts have been started then you can systematically tighten each bolt down until it is snug against the mounting bracket.
  4. Choose the location in which you wish to install the rocker switch and follow the specific instructions provided with the winch that you purchased.


There is very little maintenance for the owner of a Superwinch Terra 35 to do. The motor and bearings are sealed so you do not have to grease the bearings, so the only real maintenance that you can do on the winch replaces the pull rope/line when it begins to fray or gets spurs on it.

The line that comes on these winches is very tough but it is put through abusive situations when you make it pull heavy loads, or drag it across rocks, through sand and water, and allow it to get really hot or really cold. For these reasons, you will occasionally have to un-spool the wire/rope that is on the winch and replace it with new wire/rope.

Final Notes

The Superwinch Terra 35 is a workhorse of a winch that is designed to be able to withstand the elements of rain, sleet, snow, and extreme heat without being compromised. It is made to provide you with the ability to pull heavy loads, get your vehicle free from mud and treacherous terrain, and allow you to push the envelope and go off-roading without a care in the world.

With this winch, the only problem you really face is deciding where you want to take your ATV next. You and your buddies will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have the ability to get back on the trail should the terrain prove to be rougher than anticipated.

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