Scumacher Deep Cycle Battery Charger – Reviews and Analysis

The Schumacher Deep Cycle Battery Charger is a tool designed to help you keep the batteries on your vehicles, sporting equipment, and working equipment hot and ready so you can do what you want when you want to do it. The battery on a vehicle is one of the most important parts, and keeping the battery in the best possible condition will eliminate a great deal of stress and worry from your life.

Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship ‘N’ Shore 15 Amp SpeedCharge Charger with Battery Clamps

Digital Meter Display

The digital meter display allows you to know what the charger is doing at all times. You will be able to tell with just a glance if the battery you have connected is still a viable battery, or how much of a charge the battery has. You will not have to guess how much of a charge the battery has so you will never take off with a battery that is not fully recharged.

The digital meter display also displays the test results for the battery. This device is capable of testing a battery to determine if the battery is in proper working order. The results of the tests will be prominently displayed on the digital meter display.

The built in voltage tester will determine whether you do have a 12 volt battery connected before the charging begins.

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Reconditions Batteries

If the battery you have has a corrosion build-up of sulfate on the internal plates this charger will recognize that fact and can adjust the charging speeds so that it helps remove some of the sulfate from the plates. This improves the battery and will make the battery last for a longer amount of time.

Fully Automatic Charger

This unit has a fully automatic microprocessor that allows it to evaluate the charging needs of the battery connected to it and then adjust charging settings so the battery receives the optimum charge without being over charged.

3 Charging Speeds

The Schumacher SSc-1500A-Ca Ship ‘N’ Shore has the ability to charge at 2 amps per hour or 10 amps per hour, or a rapid charge of 15 amps per hour. These charging amps can be automatically selected by the charger or you can manually select the charging amp you desire.

The 2 amp charging speed is a slow charger that provides a gentle trickle of a charge and is perfect for maintaining a charge on a stored battery, charging motorcycle batteries, charging ATV batteries, charging snowmobile batteries, and charging the batteries on your lawn mower.

The 10 amp charging rate is excellent for most of your normal charging requirements. It is also ideal for keeping the majority of batteries in their top performance condition.

The 15 amp charging rate is ideal for automobiles, boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, RV batteries, and more.

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Usable on Deep Cell Batteries, AGM batteries and Gel Cell batteries

This battery charger is designed to safely provide a full charge or maintain a charge on the majority of battery types. 

It is limited to providing a charge for only 12 volt batteries, but it can charge AGM batteries, deep cell batteries, and Gel cell batteries safely.

Light weight with a Retractable Handle

This charging unit measures 4x12x 8 and weighs only one pound. It can be easily transported because of the retractable carry handle and the light weight. If you need to move the battery charger from one location to another the lightweight and the carrying handle make it very convenient to do so.

The light weight of the charger also makes it easier to take on trips and to store on shelves in the garage. The small size makes the charger easily fit behind the seat of a standard pick-up truck, or in even the smallest car trunk without taking up too much room.

Performs Battery Diagnostics

This unit can diagnose problems with a battery. If your battery plates have been damaged by sulfate corrosion or there are other complications with the battery this charger can diagnose the problem and tell you when a battery has become unable to receive and maintain a full charge. 

Reverse Polarity Features

Reverse polarity occurs when you connect a positive cable to a negative terminal on a battery or when you connect the negative cable to a positive terminal on the battery. When you reverse the polarity you can cause a spark to occur and that spark can be enough to ignite a fire beneath the hood of your vehicle.

Reversing polarity can also cause the plates inside the battery to buckle, rendering the battery unable to perform like it was designed to.

People have even been injured when they reversed the polarity on a battery because the battery can become over heated and explode when this happened.

This charger has reverse polarity protection built in so if you were to accidentally reverse the polarity the charger would not operate and would not do any damage to the battery, to you, or to your property.

Push button control switches to change the display from display mode to charge rate or battery health.

There are simple buttons on the front of the charger that you can push to allow you to see the status of the battery you have connected, or to allow you to change the amp speed at which the charger is working.

Most of the time the best option is to allow the automated charger to determine the charging speed but there are times when people prefer to manually change the charging speeds.

Clamps Included

This deep cycle smart battery charger comes with the necessary connection clamps so you do not have to buy anything extra before you can use your charging unit. The clamps included with the unit are rated for 75 amps.

Storage Compartment for Clamps and Cables

There is a built-in storage compartment on the battery charger that provides you with a convenient place to store your clamps and cables so they readily available the next time you go to use the charger.

This storage compartment also keeps the clams and cables from becoming entangled making it easier to connect the unit the next time you go to use it.

Warranty Information-

There is a 2 year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer.


There are always some cons to any piece of equipment. The following cons have been reported by people who have reviewed the Schumacher Deep Cell Battery Charger.

  • Can only accommodate 12 volt batteries. The charger is not designed to charge 6 volt or 24 volt batteries so it is limited in what batteries you can use it on.
  • Cannot be used with the WM – 12 cables or the EC – 25 quick connect cables.
  • Clamps are only rated for 75 amps. This is considered a con by some people but actually 75 amps for the clamps is more than sufficient according to most people.
  • The SSC-1500A model is reported to be twice as quick at charging batteries as the SSC-1500A-CA model.
  • Some people say when charging small batteries they had to use the Gel setting to prevent the charger from damaging their batteries
  • Sometimes you have to manually select a charge mode after you have unplugged the machine and then plugged it back in
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