What Kits and Tools are needed for my Ride?

Having your own vehicle is wonderful, you can go where you want when you want. The problem with having your own vehicle is there will come a time when you are away from home and your car or truck has issues. To stop yourself from being left stranded you can stock your automobile with the proper tools and devices to help you get back on the road.

If you live in a rural area there is a good chance that you have seen your car or truck stuck in the mud. In some areas of the country, the chances that you are going to get stuck are greater.

Automotive Winch

A winch can be used to pull you out of the sticky situation you have found yourself in. When you have a winch in your vehicle you will not have to wait for someone else to come and pull your vehicle out of the mud.

An automotive winch is powered by the battery of your car. Your battery also powers a lot of other important auto components. You always want to make sure that you have a hot car battery.

Automotive Battery and Chargers

Your car battery needs to be hot and ready at all times. If your battery does not have enough power to crank your vehicle you may find yourself stranded and waiting for someone to come give you a jump start. When your battery starts to seem sluggish replace it as soon as possible to avoid this problem.

One thing that will help you to avoid a dead battery is a car battery charger. If you connect the battery to a maintenance charger you can be assured that it will be hot and ready when you need your vehicle. Another critical car component is the headlight.

Jump Starter

To ensure that you never get stranded away from home with a dead battery you can place a jump starter in your trunk. The jump starter does not charge the battery it provides a boost of power to the battery so the car can crank and the alternator can then charge the battery.

Jumpstarters will give you a method of cranking your car when there is no other car or resource. You also need to consider the headlights of the vehicle, because without them you cannot travel at night.

Automotive LED Bulbs and Headlight

You need the most light that you can get when you are driving. This is especially true if you drive on rural roads that do not have street lights. LED headlight bulbs provide better light than the old style halogen bulbs. 

In some older vehicles, you may have to change the headlight assembly before you can start to use the bulbs with LED technology. This changing process is simple and most people can do this without taking the vehicle to a shop or mechanic.

Final note

Keeping your car maintained, and keeping a few simple tools will make it possible for you to go anywhere, at any ti8me and not be left stranded.

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