NOCO Genius Charger Reviews in 2022

The NOCO Genius is definitely one of the top car battery chargers. It has a multitude of features that make it usable by the majority of people who own a battery. It can charge small batteries like lawn mower batteries, and it can charge up huge marine batteries. When you have a NOCO Genius there is no need for you to have any other battery charger.

This device is small, attractive, affordably priced, and covered by a five-year limited warranty, which proves that the manufacturer has confidence in how their car charger will work.

NOCO Genius Charger Review

There are a lot of things about the NOCO Genius that make it a desirable tool.

Features of the NOCO Genius Battery Charger

  • Both a 12 volt and 24-volt charger
  • Can maintain lead-acid batteries up to 230 amp hours
  • Has overcharge protection so you will not accidentally overcharge your battery and cause damages to the battery. Overcharging can buckle plates, reduce battery life, and reduce the number of amp hours a battery can provide.
  • Has reverse polarity protection so the positive lead cannot be connected to the negative terminal on that battery, or vice versa. When the wrong lead is connected to the wrong terminal it can cause dangerous sparks that could cause severe bodily damage, damage to your engine, or damage to your battery.
  • Actively monitors the health of the battery. It can improve the battery life of discharged or batteries suffering from sulfate buildup.
  • Charges deep cycle batteries, marine batteries, automotive batteries, batteries for lawn and garden equipment, and more.

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Advantages of the NOCO Genius Charger

  • Does the work of 8 separate battery chargers
  • Does diagnostics on the health of your battery so it detects damaged batteries or reversed polarity connections
  • Will automatically enable the charging ports so that CANbus systems can be charged
  • Tries to repair sulfated batteries or batteries that are suffering from reduced capacity by applying a high voltage pulse charge
  • Twice as fast as other car battery charges in its class. When your battery is dead then time is often of the essence. This charger gets your battery back up to full capacity in half of the time it takes most chargers.
  • Weighs only 3.5 pounds
  • It is only 4.3 x 5 inches so it is small and easy to handle.
  • Has LED display screen so you can see what is occurring and can be alerted to any potential problems
  • Can be used to provide a float or trickle charge. These are long-term slow charges. A float or a trickle charge is perfect for batteries on items that are not frequently used. They keep the battery hot and ready to use without damaging the battery.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Can be used to recharge a battery that is fully depleted. Many battery charges must be connected to a battery before the battery completely loses all power.
  • Safe to use. Stops reversed polarity and reduce any physical harm that can be suffered by a human when they are using a battery charger.
  • Can power DC devices
  • Come in a wide variety of sizes starting at .75 amp and then going up to a 26 amp

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Drawbacks of the NOCO Genius Charger

  • Warranty on the product is not as good as some customers would like
  • Not available in all stores that sell battery chargers
  • Has only been on the market for 14 years

Why do Some People Consider the NOCO Genius to be the perfect Car Battery Charger?

  • Has twice the speed of many other car battery chargers
  • Is portable
  • Is convenient and easy to use
  • Is a fully automatic battery charger
  • Affordably priced
  • Only requires 1 lithium metal battery and that is provided with the battery charger by the manufacturer
  • Comes with the charger unit. Clamps to connect to the battery, eyelet terminals, user guide, 5-year limited warranty
  • Uses very little energy while it is working. This is due to the onboard microcomputer
  • Has a rubberized base that keeps it from slipping on surfaces or from scratching or damaging any surface it rests on.
  • It is UV and water-resistant so it is safe to use on marine vessels or near water.
  • Has external mounting holes

Final Thoughts on the NOCO Genius Battery Charger

The NOCO Genius battery charger is over-all a well-built product that people who have purchased the item are happy with. It is built of sturdy materials and it is small enough that it fits in the palm of your hand so it is not hard to transport, handle, connect, or use. It will easily store in the back of your vehicle without taking up a large amount of room.

It is designed to be used on the batteries that power the majority of motorized items that we use. You can charge your lawn mower battery and your deep cell marine battery using the same efficient tool.

It detects the health of your battery and tries to repair damages to sulfated batteries which will save you money. Batteries are not cheap, so when you can find a tool that helps to prolong the life of your batteries you have found a tool that will help you keep more money in your pockets.

Having a tool that can function under multiple circumstances to do multiple jobs means you have a tool that will save you time, money, and aggravation. The NOCO Genius does provide you with more ability to charge more batteries without causing damages to those batteries.

The NOCO Genius will allow you to make certain that the batteries on the vehicles you own are properly charged and maintained so when you are on the road, or when your family is on the road, you know that your battery can be relied upon to crank your vehicle over and over. This type of security and reassurance is priceless.

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