How to Maintain your Car Engine to Last Many Years

Everyone will agree that cars are expensive purchases. Some of our cars cost us more than our homes. It is imperative that you prolong the life of a car engine as long as possible. The prolonged life of the engine will mean you have a car that works a lot longer and that you will have a car that brings a higher trade-in value or resale value.

The following methods will help you to prolong the life and performance of your car.

Cleaning your Fuel Injectors

How to Maintain your Car Engine to Last Many Years

Your fuel injectors can become clogged from the residue that may be in the fuel you use. They get gummy and when this happens they do not provide the perfect fuel to maintain the proper pressure. Running fuel injector cleaner through your engine on a regular basis can help keep your injectors clean and working properly.

Keep filters changed

The oil filter and air filter of your car should be regularly cleaned or changed to keep your car performing at its best. When you allow the filters to get dirty the car engine has to work harder to try to perform. A clean filter lets the engine work with less effort.

Drive Kindly

By driving kindly I mean treating your vehicle with kindness as you drive. Do not rev the engine up, do not aggressively brake, do maintain a constant speed instead of rushing ahead, then applying the brakes, the accelerating quickly again.

Do not simply crank your car and throw it into drive. Give your engine time to warm up and become ready to work.

Occasionally you do have to run the engine at a higher speed or rev the engine up so you can blow the soot out of it. Do not do this on a daily basis, and do not rev the engine to make it warm up faster.

Regularly replace spark plugs

You should replace your spark plugs and the lead wires that connect to the spark plugs on a regular basis. If you do not have a regularly scheduled time to change your spark plugs, then inspect your plugs to determine when they should be changed.

When you pull a spark plug out it will have a light brown insulator and electrode if the plug is still viable. If the plug needs to be changed it may show signs of being overheated, deposits of build-up, or darkened electrodes or insulator.

Check your fluid levels

Make sure to check the levels of fluid in your engine on a regular basis. You want to check the oil, the power steering fluid, the transmission fluid, the antifreeze levels, the brake fluid levels, at least once a month. If your car has adequate fluids to do the jobs they need to do then your engine does not have to work as hard to perform its duties.

Change the oil

The oil in your vehicle keeps all of the moving parts of your engine lubricated properly. If the oil is not kept changed on a regular basis then the older oil gets thicker and starts to gum up so the moving parts of the engine do not move freely. It is imperative that you change your oil every 3000 miles if you use traditional oil in your vehicle.

If you use synthetic oil then you do not have to change the oil as frequently. Synthetic oils are designed to not get thicker when temperatures are colder and to not break down and become thinner when temperatures are hotter.

If you use synthetic oils then you can change your oil every 7,500 miles, and in some instance, the oil changes can be even further apart.

Change the belts and hoses

The belts and hoses on your car will eventually begin to deteriorate or dry rot. You need to keep the belts changed and working properly so that they do not break and cause damages when they come apart. The hoses connect major parts of the vehicle and allow important fluids to move from one part of the car to the next. 

At least once a year you should have your belts and hoses inspected for wear and tear.

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