How Long to Charge a Car Battery at 6 Amps

The typical car battery has a capacity of close to 48 amp-hours. This means that when the battery is completely charged it will deliver 1 amp for a period of 48 hours, or 2 amps for a period of 24 hours, or eight amps for a period of 6 hours. The different components you use while your car is in operation will increase the number of amps you need for the car to function.

AMP Required for Various Purposes

It takes about 48 amps to operate the vehicle headlights for about 8 continuous hours. It takes about 48 amps to operate the starter of the engine for a continuous ten minutes. A heated rear window will use up to 48 amps in about 12 hours.

Battery charges provide different amps. The typical charger charges your battery at about 2 amps. That means that the charger will increase your battery power by about 2 amps for each hour that it is connected. At the speed of 2 amps per hour, it will take the charger about 24 hours to provide a 48 amp charge to your battery.

Different Size, Different AMP

Batteries come in differing sizes, which means they provide different numbers of amp hours. Battery chargers come in different sizes which means they supply different amounts of amps per hour.

A battery charger that provides 6 amps for each hour that it is connected to your battery will be able to charge a 48 amp hour battery in about eight hours. If the battery you are charging is larger it will take longer for a 6 amp battery charger to give the battery a complete charge.

You simply take the number of amp-hours that your battery is capable of providing and you divide 6 into that number. The resulting number is the number of hours it will take for the battery charger to restore full life to the battery it is connected to.

Best AMPs are Not the Best Charger Always

You might think that the right car battery charger would be the one that provides the highest number of amps per hour. The charger that provides the highest number of amps per hour would be the fastest, but they are not always the best. When you charge a battery at a really fast speed you can cause the plates of the battery to buckle and that is permanent damage that cannot be repaired. If the plates buckle you will need to purchase another battery.

Having a battery charger that is automatic will help you to prevent damage to your battery. Overcharging a battery can cause the plates to buckle also, but when you have a fully automated battery charger the device will sense how much time the battery needs to charge, and it will provide the maximum amount of amps per hour until the battery is almost fully charged.

Then the automated machine will reduce the number of amps being provided each hour until the battery is at full capacity. Once the machine senses that the battery is at full capacity it will maintain the battery by providing just a small amount, or a trickle of a charge. These are the best car battery chargers because they do not create enough pressure by overcharging, and they maintain the proper charge at all times.

Charging your car battery can help you to increase the amount of starting power your vehicle has, it can help to minimize the chances that you will get stranded by a vehicle that will not crank, and it can save you money by prolonging the life of your equipment.

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