Types of Automotive LED Light Bulbs With Numbers

In 2007 LED headlight bulbs were introduced to the automotive market. These bulbs do not get as hot as regular bulbs, they are brighter than regular monofilament bulbs, and they last far longer than any monofilament ever created.

At first, LED headlight bulbs were rather expensive and that stopped car manufacturers from wanting to incorporate them into vehicle designs. More and more car manufacturers began to develop LED headlights, and that allowed the cost of the lamps to be reduced.

When the cost went down then automobile manufacturers started to include LED technology in their designs. LED headlights were an attractive feature that helped sell cars, and this technology opened the door for revolutionary changes in car lighting.

Types of Automotive Bulbs

H7 Bulb and H4 Bulb

These are filament bulbs that were at one time the best H7 headlight bulbs that could be purchased. They emit some of the brightest light that you can get from a filament bulb. They were used in many different automobiles makes and models.

There are still a large number of vehicles that use these headlight bulbs as a front light source. They are good, but LED technology offers a longer bulb life and brighter light.

The 9007 Headlight LED Bulb

The 9007 and the 194 LED Light Bulb are two of the most commonly used LED lighting solutions. The light emitted from these bulbs is more than ten times brighter than the majority of halogen bulbs. These bulbs are found in all makes and models of automobiles, from the high end to the economy priced vehicles.

Another LED technology headlight alternative is the 9005 or HB3 bulbs. These bulbs are slightly different from 9007 in how they fit into the vehicle.

Specialty Bulbs

There are specialty bulbs now available like the LED Fog headlights for Jeep Wrangler. These fog lights provide you with a bright light that can penetrate the dense fog and give you the power to be able to see.

If fog lights are too powerful they will simply create a light that glares on the fog cloud like shining a light on a mirror. These LED fog lights have the perfect brightness so that they penetrate the fog instead of creating a reflective glare.

LED technology is also being used to create taillights and turn signal indicator lights. The brighter tail lights are easily seen by other vehicles and they have allowed car manufacturers to reduce the size of the taillights.

You are starting to see the turn signal lights incorporated into the side mirrors of the vehicles. This is because the brighter lights created by the LED technology allow the designer to create smaller lights that still catch the eye of other motorists.

Halogen & LED Headlight Bulb

Some people who have older vehicles ask if converting their lighting possibilities from Halogen to LED would make a difference. Consider the following facts.

Halogen Lights

  • Cost less than the LED bulbs
  • Are simply to change
  • Can be purchased at most automotive retail stores


  • Does not create the same amount of heat that Halogen bulbs do
  • Lasts as much as 50 times longer than some halogen bulb varieties. Many LED bulbs do not have to be replaced for ten years or longer. They are water-tight and they remain bright and vibrant for the life of the bulb.
  • It has a cooler light color which means the color of the light that is produced by the halogen bulbs is more artificial in appearance and the color of light produced by an LD bulb is more like bright sunlight. It is whiter and does not cause you to have as much eyestrain
  • Has fewer shadows and illuminates to the side better than halogen bulbs
  • Projects light for a longer distance in front of the vehicle so it gives you an increased amount of time to see obstacles or hazards that may be waiting on the road in front of your vehicle
  • Once you have installed the conversion kit these bulbs are easy to change. Most conversion kits can be installed in less than half an hour by the car owner without the help of a mechanic or car specialist.
  • Can be purchased almost anywhere car and automotive accessories are sold
  • LED lights are being developed and new features that improve the lights are constantly being added

Things to look for in the near future

LED lighting is being incorporated into every lighting situation in your automobile. They are being made into interior lighting solutions, car bumper lights, fog lights, running lights, dashboard lights turn signal indicator lights and more.

Look for LED light bulbs that are sold in packages of 2 bulbs so that you always change both lights at the same time. You can also look for LED lights that will not grow dimmer each year. They will alert you to the fact that they need changing by other means than dimming.

Laser lights are starting to be developed for use in automobiles and automotive accessories. The laser lights show great promise for illuminating longer distances and creating more visibility on either side of the vehicle.

LED lights are beginning to be used as warning indicator lights on emergency vehicles like police cars and ambulances. Their brilliance allows them to be seen for greater distances and in the future, you are likely to see these light sources used even at red lights, and warning signs.

Final Thought

LED lighting technology has created a safer driving situation for everyone. The light is brighter, the bulbs are cooler, and people are safer because they can see farther down the road.

Converting to an LED light will give you more visible light on dark nights. They will increase the chances that your car will be seen by other drivers. They will also allow your car to use less energy from the car battery because the LED lights consume very little energy.

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