The 6 Brightest and Best H4 Bulbs – 9003, HB2 Headlight Reviews

H4 bulbs have two filaments and these bulbs provide the appropriate illumination for the automobiles high beam headlights and the low beam headlights.

When people are searching for the right headlight bulbs to buy they often look for the brightest H4 Bulbs or the best 9003 headlights. This is understandable if your owner’s manual recommends either of these bulbs for your vehicle, but to tell the truth these two bulbs, (although they are numbered differently), are the same bulbs.

Our experts on vehicle lighting and accessories examined several different H4 and 9003 bulbs to create a list of the best and brightest bulbs in this category.

6 Best H4 Bulbs – Reviews 2019

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H4 (Twin Pack)

The Osram night breaker unlimited H4 is definitely a contender for being one of the best and brightest H4 lighting solutions. These bulbs come in a convenient two pack. It is recommended that you change both of your headlight bulbs at the same time so that both of your headlamps are producing equal light. By doing this you eliminate dark areas in your line of vision and you increase the distance that the bulbs are capable of projecting the light they are producing.

You will find that these bulbs burn 110% brighter than the halogen bulbs you are used to using. You will not only have more light, your light will be brighter so you can see farther and react faster to possible problems.

The light that these bulbs produce is not only brighter than what you are used to getting from your halogen bulbs it is whiter than what you are used to seeing. Whiter light is caused by a higher color number. Whiter light makes you see things more clearly and thus it keeps you safer.

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NINEO H4 LED – Best 9003 Bulb

The Nineo H4 9003 LED headlight bulbs have CREE chips in them. The CREE chips are enhanced by the materials that are used to create them. The manufacturer uses the best materials and produces LED chips that are exceptionally thin, they have low forward voltage, they generate the lowest amount of heat possible, they have long lifespans and they have exceptionally high ESD tolerance and resistance.

By installing this kit you will bring your vehicle lighting out of the dark-ages and into the bright future.

These lights have a color rating of 6500 and they produce 6000 lumens. So you know they are bright and have a powerful white light. They also have a perfect beam pattern, and they are five times brighter than the ordinary halogen lights are.

They are very thin and they have a 360 degree mounting collar that allows you to direct the beam to your precise requirements so you get the most light with no dark areas. The light distribution is performed through a wider angle lens so you can see everything before you and the things that are to the sides of the road as well.

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LASFIT 9003 – Brightest H4 LED Bulb

If you want the simplest lights to install then you should consider these Lasfit LED headlight bulbs with plug and play technology. You do not have to cut any wires or splice together any wires. No electrical tape or wire nuts are required. This bulb has a built in driver ballast so you replace the stock halogen light you have by pulling it out of the socket and then plug this LED version into the socket. It is really that simple.

When you select this plug and play light kit you will reap benefits like:

  • 5600 lumens ( each bulb produces 2,800 lumens) that means crystal white light is emitted from these bulbs
  • The standard hi beam and low beam operations
  • A 7,000 RPM turbo fan that will keep the lights cool and provide you with an expected 50,000 hours of light
  • Less possibility of glare for oncoming traffic
  • Instant illumination when the switch is turned on

These bulbs will fit in 90% of the vehicles that require an H4 bulb.

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Autofeel All-in-One Conversion Kit – Brightest H4 Headlight Bulb

These Autofeel LED headlight bulbs are in an all in one conversion kit that provides you with the high beam and low beam lights that you are used to having in one simple to install kit. You can stop relying on the candle dim bulbs you are currently using and start experiencing the bright white light of LED lights.

The beam pattern of LED lights is created perfectly so that the driver of the vehicle does not have blind spots or darkened areas where they cannot see clearly.

The 6000K color rating assures you that the light color is white, not yellow, and not blue. The light emitted by these bulbs is brilliant white/

You do not have to worry about the headlight bulbs burning out and leaving you to drive with only one headlight, or no headlights. These bulbs are proposed to last for 50,000 hours, or about 17 years.

The kit installation is easy. You simply unplg the halogen bulb that is there and plug in the new LED bulb and you are finished in less than twenty minutes.

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Cougar Motor 9003 High/Low All-in-One Conversion Kit – Best H4 LED Bulb

One of the biggest enemies to automobile headlight bulbs is the heat produced by the bulbs when they are in operation. These Cougar Motor H4 LED headlight bulbs have a 7,000 RPM fan that creates a cooling affect so the heat will not kill your lights abilities.

These light bulbs create a beautiful white light. They have a 6000K rating and they produce 7,200 lumens per pair. In laymen’s terms, that means the light they emit is brilliant white, not yellow, and not dim or dingy.

These lights have a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours operating time. You can figure that these bulbs will likely be operating in your automobile 17 years after you install them.

This kit has an adjustable mounting collar so you can direct the beam properly. You will not have headlights that shine too high above the roadway or too low. Your projected beam will be farther than the beam of ordinary halogen bulbs, and your family will ride safer because you will be able to see better.

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More of Our Experts’ Reviews

HIKARI LED H4(9003) – Best H4 Headlight Bulb

The Hikari LED headlight bulbs conversion kit is an adjustable beam conversion kit that allows you to set the beam direction of your lights via a simple to adjust collar. Once you have situated the collar so that the beam of light is emitted exactly like you prefer it to be you will find that you have a flawless stream of white light pouring from your headlight assembly.

The light these bulbs emits is 220% brighter than the light of ordinary Halogen bulbs. The color temperature of these bulbs is higher so the light is whiter and brighter than any headlight light you have experienced.  These two headlight bulbs produce 9600 lumens.

These bulbs have a very long life expectancy because they are able to stay cooler.  They have a mini fan that keeps the heat from causing damages to the bulbs. They also have copper in their design in place of the customary aluminum so these lights have less heat build-up.

The kit is a DIY installation that is easy and will take you less than half an hour to finish.

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The H4 LED lights provide brilliance, clarity, flawless beams, and a host of other great benefits. These headlight bulbs are specially crafted so they do not build-up the same heat that traditional bulbs build-up. This heat dissipation technology is helping to create headlight bulbs that last longer than many of the cars last.

Making the conversion from typical halogen bulbs to the LED technology will save you money, save you grief, save you from driving fatigue caused by eyestrain, and save you from accidents.

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