The Brightest and Best 194 LED Bulbs – Reviews 2022

What advantages do we get from having the best 194 Bulbs to use? We asked our experts to explain what we should expect from 194 bulbs, and what, if any, features they had that might make one product better than another product.

Our experts explained that these bulbs provide the lighting for our car interiors, around our license plates, our marker lights, our dashboard lights and more.

They reviewed several brands and they recommended the following ones. They told us that brightness was one of their main considerations, but other features such as ease of installation, light emission angles, hot spots, and variety of usage were considered.

Best 194 LED Bulbs – Reviews 2022

AMAZENAR 30-Pack White Replacement 194 T10 168 2825 W5W 175 158 Bulb

9.7Expert Score

Rating, Advantages and Disadvantages

Service Life
  • Can be used in different places
  • High-temperature resistant standard
  • Sensitive to polarity
  • Longer survival span
  • Light is brighter, yet it requires less energy
  • Lifespan is limited, especially in cold temperatures
  • Too spacious and dimly lit

The Amazenar 194 bulbs have a wide range of useful applications and that is why you will be interested in purchasing them in a thirty-pack. You can use these bulbs as dash lights, backup lights, dome lights, marker lights, RV lights, cargo lights on pickup trucks and more. These light bulbs can even be used in marine applications on your boats and trailers. They measure 1.1 inches (2.8cm) in length and they have a diameter of 0.43 inches (1.1cm). They can be used in place of the stocks 194, 158, 168, 175, 2825, and 912. They have plug-and-play technology so installing them will not be difficult to do.

The bulbs do not get really hot while they are in operation so they have a longer lifespan than many of the stock bulbs that you are accustomed to using.

They have a fast response time so they turn on quickly and they turn back off very quickly.

They have a 360 degree viewing angle because of their radial mounting so you get more light when and where you need it.

JDM ASTAR 10pcs Super Bright 194 168 175 2825 T10 PX Chipsets LED Bulbs

9.3Expert Score

Rating, Advantages and Disadvantages

Service Life
  • Genuine PX chips
  • Longer service life than the majority of low-cost alternatives
  • High lumens used Bulbs
  • Easy installation
  • Not long lasting
  • Excessively thick

The super bright light emitted by these JDM ASTAR bulbs will give you the functionality you need from the accessories on your car, truck, boat, RV, ATV, or trailer.

Some of the benefits you get from buying these lights are:

  • Ten bulbs come in a pack so you always have a new bulb handy
  • They have a color rating of 6000k so they produce true white light that allows you to have more visibility
  • They have a high number of lumens so they produce not only white light but they produce bright light. They have an aluminum body so they dissipate heat quicker. Heat dissipation is critical to the lifespan of these bulbs. Most automotive interior lights are burned out due to excessive heat, so these lights last longer because they stay cooler.
  • They are .90” long and 0.375” in diameter so they fit in many different lighting accessories like marker lights, the lights on the inside of your car door, trailer lights, RV lights, license plates lights, and more

These bulbs can be used instead of 147, 152, 158, 159, 161, 168, 175 and more.

Philips 127916000KB2 194 Bright White Interior Vision LED light

8.8Expert Score
Philips 127916000KB2 194

Rating, Advantages and Disadvantages

Service Life
  • Elegant style
  • 12 years guarantee
  • Quick reaction capability
  • Both standard and CK type sockets are compatible
  • Dim light

You already know and trust the name Philips with your illumination needs. These LED lights are typical of the Philips quality and reliability you have come to trust from their lighting products. These lights will give you:

  • About 12 years of service before they play out
  • Bright white light created by their 6000k color temperature.
  • A replacement for exterior incandescent bulbs that are legal to operate
  • Red intense light when used on tail lights so people can see that you are stopped or that you are in front of them. This means you are safer and have fewer fender benders
  • They instantly come on when you depress the brake pedal so the vehicle behind you sees them and has a reduced stopping time
  • They add a pleasing aesthetic to your automobile
  • They stay cooler so they do not blow out quickly
  • They have an aluminum housing so they are rust and corrosion resistant they have plug and play technology to help you quickly install them
  • They are available for applications as backup lights, braking lights, interior dome lights, lights in your glove compartments, lights in your trunks

This 2 pack of lights will enhance your automobile experience.

AUXITO 194 LED Light Bulb

8.7Expert Score

Rating, Advantages and Disadvantages

Service Life
  • Low power usage results in a longer lifespan
  • Brightness angle of 360 degrees
  • Simple to set up
  • Free of errors
  • Built-in CANbus resistors
  • A bit expensive

The Auxito 194 LED light bulbs are meeting the demands of people in ways that we did not expect. We were used to having interior dome lights that were able to give us a dim interior but with these bulbs, we get an interior light that is so bright we can actually see everything inside the vehicle and we could read a book if we chose to.

The light bulb has a 6000k color temperature rating so the light it produces is white, not yellow-tinged or blue tinged. It is pure bright white light.

The light bulb has a 360-degree angle so there are no blind or dark spots. You can use them for tag lights on your car, dome lights, map lights, glove compartment lights, turn signal lights, cargo lights and more.

They have the ability to replace the common 168, 175, 2825, W5W T10 and more.

If you install these bulbs and they do not light uptake the bulb out and flip it over 180 degrees then plug it back in place. Reversing the polarity will likely solve your problem.

LncBoc T10 LED Bulbs 194 LED Light Bulb

8.8Expert Score
LncBoc T10 LED Bulbs 194

Rating, Advantages and Disadvantages

Service Life
  • Cooler light with 360-degree view
  • A lot brighter than standard halogen bulbs
  • Energy saving
  • Installation is easy and basic
  • Service life is limited

These T10 bulbs can be used anywhere you are now using led numbers 147, 194, 159, 158, 175, 192, 193, 168, 161, and more.

These bulbs have a 360 degree viewing angle so they light places that older limited angle lights could not.

They have a 6500k color temperature that allows the light they emit to be bright white. The bright white creates a stark contrast and it allows your eyes to be able to focus more clearly on the objects you are looking at. 

You get less eye strain and can do more things when you have this volume of bright white light.

They have 5-SMD 50/50 chips so the light from the bulb is actually emitted from five different locations and that reduces shadows or dark spots. The LED bulbs use less energy than common halogen bulbs, and they burn longer because they have a greater amount of heat dissipation than the common halogen bulbs do.

These bulbs can be used in many applications on cars, trucks, boats, RV, ATV, and other vehicles.

Buying Guide on The Best 194 LED Bulbs

Before you purchase a 194 replacement bulb consider the following things about the bulbs you are shopping for.

The LED Chipset that the bulb has

The LED chipset will change the brightness of the light produced by the bulb you are about to purchase. Here are some basic facts about LED chipsets:

  • Surface-mounted diodes are written on packages as SMD. These are high technology chips that are capable of producing more complicated lighting designs while using only 2 contacts.
  • Chip-on-board chipsets have a single connection with a circuit board. The COB chipsets are capable of producing a greater lumen count for the wattage that is used
  • Flip Chips have thermal dissipation that is as much as 200 times faster than the other chipsets. They last up to 8000 hours longer than the other chipset types. They produce light with no shadows and light that can be projected farther. They are also the latest technology so they are the highest priced of all chipset types.

Lumens produced

The brightness of the light is listed in lumens. The higher the lumen capability is the brighter the light will be. Do not confuse lumens with color temperatures. The lumen count does not tell you how white the light is, only how bright the light is. You need a color temperature greater than 4600 in order to have bright white light with no yellow or blue hues.

Hours of Light Produced

Each manufacturer will display the number of hours they expect their bulbs to last on the package. You want to buy bulbs with a high, but a realistic number of hours. It is suggested that you buy bulbs labeled as being able to last 10,000 to 30,000 hours.

Tool Free Installation

Read the package and see if the bulb is designed to be replaced without the use of screwdrivers or tools. The easy to install bulbs are often the best. You should also try to buy bulbs in pairs and change the bulbs on each side of the car so the light produced from each side will be similar.


194 bulbs are commonly used in dome lights inside vehicles, inside marker lights, as back-up lights, as-to-turn signal lights, as braking lights, in glove compartments and many areas in cars, trucks, RV, and boats. These are bulbs that do last a long time but they are used in so many different applications that you will want to buy them in bulk and have them always on hand.

The LED chips in the lights allow them to be brighter than the old style halogen bulbs were, and they use less energy and put off a lesser degree of heat. They are safe and reliable, and they often fit where many of the old style halogen bulbs of different numbers fit.

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