Best Real Time GPS Tracker for Car, Kids and Pets in 2020

The best real time GPS tracker provides you the information you would need if you had lost a valuable item like your vehicle, or your pet, or a parent’s worst nightmare, your child.

There is not one real time GPS tracker that will work to provide location information on the things you prize the most. There are different versions of the real time GPS tracker that you use to protect your vehicle, your pet, or your child. You want to make sure that you have the right tracking system for the thing you are protecting.

These reviews will focus on the real time GPS tracker you might need for vehicles, pets, or children.

What is the Best Real Time GPS Tracker?

A real time GPS tracker is a device that emits a signal that is transmitted through satellite technology to show the exact global positioning coordinates of the object the device is connected to. These devices are small, light weight, and they allow people to protect their loved ones, and their investments.

A large number of companies have employees that work out in the field. A real time GPS tracker is a device the company can provide the employee so they can always know the location of that person. This helps to protect the employee because someone will always know their whereabouts, and it protects the company because they can be sure that the employee is where they are supposed to be when they are being paid to work.

A large number of companies use these tracking devices to keep track of where their company vehicles are being driven, and how the vehicles are being driven. This technology is used in private family situations to monitor how a teen is using the car, and whether they are being safe when they leave home.

Best GPS Tracker for Car

The majority of people in the United States own vehicles. We rely on these machines to get us to work, to take us to buy the things we need, and for pleasurable outings. If our car is lost or stolen it can disrupt our lives so drastically that we lose jobs, or at the very least lose income. A real time GPS tracker can help us to find our car if it were ever to be lost or stolen. The following systems are our top picks of best GPS tracker for car out of the ones that are designed for use on automobiles.

Spy Tec STI-GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

This is an excellent real time GPS tracker for your automobile, and you will love the low cost of operating this system. This tracker requires you to pay twenty five dollars per month to the monitoring company. You do not have to pay any money to activate the system. You do not have to establish a contract for any length of time and there is no fee if you decide to cancel the service. You will be provided with a monitor of the location in which the system is at and if you decide to stop the service you will not be harassed, charged, or subjected to a penalty.

This device is battery powered and if there is any drawback to the machine it is the fact that you will need to change the battery, or charge the battery, every two weeks.

You will receive messages about the location of your vehicle via E-mail and text messages to your phone. You will always be able to know where the vehicle is at any given time.

The device is 5.4”x1.9”x2.2”, so it is small enough to be hidden in the vehicle. It only weighs eight ounces, and the majority of people who already own one of these say they would recommend this product to their friends and family.

With this device you can let your children take your vehicle and you can make sure they go where they were supposed to go. If your car were to go missing you can immediately call and find out the location it is at. For a year the reports of the daily activity of the vehicle will be stored in the cloud.

Linxup GPS Trackers & GPS System – Tracking Device for OBD Car GPS – Vehicle Tracking Device LPVAS1

This little tracking device measures 1”x1.75”x2.1” and weighs only 2.08 ounces, so it easily fits into any vehicle and it is not glaringly obvious that it is there. It is easy to install because it simply plugs into the OBD port located under the dash of the vehicle.

It can be used in commercial automobile fleets to help you track where a car is, how many stops the vehicle is making, how much time the vehicle spends idling, and the driving habits of the driver. You can learn if the driver has a tendency to use harsh braking or if they often accelerate rapidly. You can even get text, or e-mail alerts that alert you when a driver is speeding, or when a car is being driven at an unauthorized time, or into an unauthorized location. It even helps you to evaluate the performance of your drivers.

You will only pay twenty two dollars and ninety nine cents per month for each device you have installed. Since this system can save you as much as twenty percent each month on fuel cost alone the device actually pays for itself. There are no long term contracts to enter into, and there will be no fee if you decide to stop using the service.

Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker GPS/GSM Tracking/Real-time Locator for Cars Motorcycles Scooter Bike Golf Carts –Grey

The actual component of this system is only 3.7”x 0.7” x 2.21” and weighs 3.36 ounces, so it is easy to fit in a vehicle, even a small vehicle like a scooter, or a golf cart. Country clubs often use these devices to manage where their golf carts are, and how the carts are being driven while they are checked out by members, or employees.

This system has monitoring that updates every sixty seconds so you always know the exact global positioning of the vehicle it is in. The device will work anywhere in the world so you are not limited to one country. If you are a large corporation with employees located in different countries you can provide accurate tracking no matter what country they are in.

You can put the tracker in a vehicle and then establish the speed limits for the vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds those limits you will automatically be alerted via text message, or email. You can add as many as four different phone lines or email addresses that the monitoring company will notify when the vehicle exceeds the speed, or when you are notified of anything pertaining to the vehicle. You can share this system with friends and family because there is no limit on how many vehicles can be added to your account.

You will be able to establish the locations where the vehicle should be. If the vehicle leaves the perimeters you establish you will be notified. There is also a help button that can be pushed to cause the system to sound an alarm if the person in the vehicle is in danger, or needs any assistance.

Low-cost Real Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker Car Doctor (Accutracking Starter Kit)

This is one of the best real time GPS trackers surpasses many of the other tracking devices we looked at. This unit is cost effective for private owners, small businesses, and large corporations. It is a pay as you go unit meaning you will not have to sign a contract, there are no cancellation fees associated with it, and there are no hidden costs. The monitoring company will provide you with one month of service for free so you can see just how handy it is to have this item. A prepaid SIM card is included when you buy the device.

You do not have to hire anyone to install the unit for you. All that is required is for you to locate the OBD-II port under the dash of your vehicle and then plug the tracker in. You do not have to add any additional wiring, and the unit only weighs 2.1 ounces so it is not going to interfere with the operation of the vehicle in any way.

You can get the real time location of the vehicle twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. It has a built in microphone so you can speak to the vehicle it is installed in and it gets excellent reception so you will not need an external antenna in order to get service.

You will get an email or a text message letting you know if the vehicle the item is in goes outside of the area you have established as being safe for it to be in, every time the vehicle stops, if the vehicle exceeds the speed limit you establish for it, if the vehicle sits in one position idling, and the mileage of the vehicle. You will also have a panic button the driver of the vehicle can push if they are ever in trouble, and you will also be notified if the check engine light of the vehicle comes on, or if someone tries to unplug the device from the OBD-II port.

MOTOsafety GPS Tracker & Driving Coach, Vehicle Tracking System & OBD GPS Device MPVAS1

If you are looking for the best GPS tracker for car which is smaller in size that can monitor the location of a vehicle, and provide you with information about what that vehicle is doing, then this is the unit for you. The main portion of this system weighs 0.3 ounces and measures 1”x1.8”x2.1” so it fits under the dash and does not interfere with vehicle operations or driver comfort.

Parents of teens will love the comprehensive teen driver education course offered with this system. When you have that course you will know where the vehicle was, how fast it was being driven, how often it stopped, and if the teen was accelerating excessively, or if they were braking too hard. It can help you turn your teen into a better driver.

This system was developed with the intention of helping parents protect the safety of their children while they teach their teens to drive a vehicle responsibly. In order to do this the manufacturer got advice from driving instructors and members of law enforcement so they could create features that would give parents peace of mind, and truly protect the children.

You get all of this service for less than twenty dollars per month, and you do not have to enter into a contract agreement, or pay any cancellation fees when you decide to stop using the service.

You will be able to let your teen have the freedom they desire, while making sure that you can know where they are, and if they are driving in a safe manner. This device is worth its weight in gold to most parents, but luckily is affordable to the majority of budgets.

Real Time GPS tracker for Kids

Every parent fears that they will lose their children. There are thousands of children each day who are lost, abducted, or otherwise go missing. If you have a real time tracker on your child then you will always be able to know their exact location. This is a device that every parent can use, no matter where they live, or how old their children are.

The following real time GPS tracker units are in our opinion the best units available. When it comes to the people we love we do not ever want to skip on quality, and all of these devices are high quality items.

KidGPS Tracker, Compatible with Apple iOS, Samsung Galaxy and Other Android Devices for Locating and Monitoring Children, GPS Tracker for Kids

Every parent wants to know where their children are at all times and the technology that has given us the real time GPS tracker systems has provided all parents with this ability. You can know that your child is safe, and still allow them to have the freedom to go out with friends, or go play outside, like you had when you were a child. The world may have gotten more crowded, and more dangerous, but tracking devices have made it a safer place to raise a child.

You will receive notifications of when your child arrives at school, or when they get home, so you will never get the call saying the child has been missing for hours. If your child does not arrive at the location you expect them to be in at the time you expect them to, then you will have the ability to pinpoint their exact global position so you can determine if they are safe, or if help needs to be sent.

The child will also have a push button that they can use if they are ever frightened, or ever feel like they are in danger of any sort. The device will alert you to the location the child is in and you can alert the appropriate authorities, or send help to the child without alerting the person that the child may be in fear of.

You can establish a list of trusted adults that the location of your child can be shared with. Both parents will always be able to know the location, and you can share with babysitters, grandparents, or anyone you trust with such information.

You will need to agree to a service plan in order for the system to work.

PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker, Compatible with iOS & Androd for Locating and Monitoring Children

With the aid of this tracking device you can see your child’s location using a smart phone or a computer. You will have the ability to track and monitor the location of your child, and the time that they arrive, or leave a location. You can even have the device keep a sixty day record of all of the locations the child was in.

If the battery of the unit gets low, or if the child is out of the zone set for the device, you will be alerted immediately. The alerts are sent in real time, and not hours after something has changed.

You set up the perimeters for your child and when your child leaves the area you have designated as being safe then you are alerted by text message, or email. You can add other alert recipients so family, police, or first responders can have the accurate information concerning the exact location of the child.

You might think that all of this service would be very expensive, and even though our children’s safety is worth any amount we have to pay, you will be surprised that this service only costs about thirteen dollars per month. You do not have to sign a contract to use the service, but you will have to pay an activation fee after purchasing the device.

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator

One of the biggest worries a parent has is the one where their child is abducted and lost forever. Technology has provided us with the means to track the location of our children so we do not have to have them chained to us every second of the day, and this device is capable of updating the location of the unit every ten seconds in the event that a child were to be abducted, or lost, and need to be followed closely until the authorities could reach them. This device gives you peace of mind because you will be able to follow every move that your child makes, and you will be able to find your child.

Many people live in locations where cell phone signals, and the signals for other electronic devices are not dependable. This unit works virtually everywhere so your child will not get into a location where you cannot get a signal, and even if you live in a remote area you can still have this device to protect your most precious loved one.

You can use the app for this device on any mobile device. You will not be required to remember a password or registration in order to access the app and see the position of the device. You establish user rights for the device and then you share those rights only with the people you trust. Yepzon will not share any information with anyone concerning you or the unit you have purchased. Yepzon does not collect personal data concerning you so they have no information to share and cannot invade your privacy.

The battery in this unit will last for several weeks before it needs replacing or recharging. This is because the unit goes into a sleep mode unless it detects movement. Yepzon will remind you when the battery needs to be charged so your child will never go unprotected.

Real Time GPS Tracker for Pets

The majority of people who own a pet will tell you that they consider that animal to be a part of their family. Most pet owners cannot imagine a life without their pet, and the thought of losing their animal causes them to be greatly alarmed.

Our pets cannot talk and tell people if they have been taken by someone other than their family, but the best real time GPS tracker can help you locate the animal if they are not where you expect them to be.

If your pet wanders off, or is taken, then one of these devices will help you to get your animal back home safely.

Tractive GPS Pet tracker 2.0 by 1.6 by 0.6-Inch

This is a very small global positioning unit that is light and will not weigh down your pet. It is suitable for cats or dogs, and you could even use it on children, cars, or other items you might want to know the whereabouts of.

This device is waterproof so you will not have to worry that it might short out if your animal is caught outside in the rain, or if they decide to swim in a mud puddle on their wander.

You can use the tracking with any web browser, or you can use it with smart phones like the Android phones or the iPhones. The device is fully functional in more than eighty countries.

The Tractive device does not require a SIM card or for you to have a contract with a carrier. It sends data through the cell phone towers and therefore the monthly monitoring cost is less than seven dollars. You are allowed to start the service and stop it at any time you wish because you have no contract obligations to meet.

You will be able to see the position of your pet and what direction the pet is traveling in so you can go get them. All of the locations will be given to you in real time and you will know how fast the pet is traveling.

You can stop worrying that your pet will wander off every time they go outside. You can rest easy and let them enjoy a little freedom.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

With the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker you will be able to establish an area where your pet is supposed to be and when they wander out of that area your will get an alert on your smart phone. You do not have to worry about losing a beloved pet and you do not have to keep your pet chained or fenced in.

Because the Whistle GPS pet tracker uses a combination of cellular signals and global positioning technology you will never have to worry about not being able to get service for the unit. You will be able to take your pet on vacation even when you travel to remote locations to go camping or something of that nature.

The device is waterproof and very durable. It is recommended that you use this on animals that weigh about fifteen pounds or more. The device attaches to the collar your pet is wearing and might be too heavy for animals under fifteen pounds.

You will even be able to track your pets behaviors and that will make it possible for you to keep them healthier by knowing what they are doing, and what may be bothering them.

This pet tracker will provide you with valuable information and real time positions of your pet if they get out of your sight. Never worry about rover running away again.

Pod 2 GPS and WiFi Pet Tracker

When you want to have the ability to keep track of your pet, their activity, and their whereabouts, then you want to have the Pod 2 GPS + WiFi tracker. You will be able to create a zone that your animal is supposed to stay in. If the animal leaves that zone then you will be alerted so you can retrieve the pet. You will also have the ability to know where the pet is at that very moment in time.

You can take your pet with you when you travel because this device works in more than one hundred and seventy countries. When you travel with a pet they are more likely to be lost because they are in an unfamiliar place. This system allows you to know where your pet is and to still allow the animal to enjoy life.

You will have the opportunity to see how active your animal is each day and that means that you have the opportunity to keep the animal as healthy as possible. If an animal changes their activity level it can be a good indicator that they are not feeling well. You will be able to see these changes even if you are not with your pet each day.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus – Dog and Cat Tracker Collar Attachment

When your pet is lost you want to find them as quickly as possible. When an animal strays from their usual surroundings they can become confused and stray farther and farther away until they go so far that they cannot find their way back home. With the Tagg Pet GPS Plus collar attachment for cats and dogs you will not have to worry about that happening. You will be able to find your pet quickly, and bring them home safely.

The system alerts you on email and text messaging whenever your pet wanders out of the target zone you have established for them. If you are in strange surroundings you will have access to maps that will show you which way the animal traveled so you can easily follow them.

You will be able to track how active your dog is each day and that will help you determine if they are getting enough exercise or not. You will also be alerted to temperatures that are too hot or too cold so your pet is never at risk of a heat stroke.

The battery will last about ten days to two weeks before it needs to be recharged. The unit is durable and can withstand water, and the punishment that a dog can provide, which makes it one of the best real time GPS tracker devices for pets.

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Location System

There are a large number of pet owners who do not own one pet. Many people own multiple pets. This real time GPS tracking system will allow you to monitor the locations of up to four pets at one time. This is the perfect system for families that have multiple animals they love.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last for as long as ninety days without a recharge. You do not have to worry that you live in a remote location that normally does not have service signal for these types of items because this system works virtually anywhere. The main reason it works almost anywhere is because it is a self contained system that does not require cellular signals or global positioning satellites to function.

Because this is a self contained system you will not have to activate the monitoring service and you will not have to pay a monthly fee to use the monitoring services. The one time purchase fee for the system is all that you will have to pay.

A single push button on the home base of the system tells you in what direction you need to go in order to find a lost animal. The real time feedback from the system will tell you what direction to head in and it will tell you the distance the animal is from the home base.

You can establish safe areas where your pets should be when they are outside. The system will monitor three animals at one time and you can establish four safe areas.

How a Real Time GPS Tracker Works

The United States department of defense established the global positioning satellites that create the ability for people to find objects, people, or pets, who are wearing devices that emit signals these satellites can pick up. There are twenty four of the satellites in orbit, and each satellite has a coordinating ground station. Private use of the satellites for the purpose of global positioning is granted to everyone.

In order for the tracking system to work microwave signals are transmitted to the global positioning devices and those signals provide the information concerning the location of the object, the speed the object is moving, and the direction the object is headed. These microwave signals can even determine patterns in the movements of the global positioning device.

In order for the system to function it uses trilateration. Trilateration is divided into two categories. It is either 2-D or 3-D and requires the receiver to know the location of the object and the distance between the object and the satellites used to track it.

The tracking systems relay the location information of people, places, and things, in latitude and longitude coordinates. Most of the systems can tell you if the object you are looking for is headed north, south, east, or west, of the position it was supposed to be in.

These systems are great for locating lost items, and they are good when you are attempting to find a location you have never been to before. Fishermen mark their favorite fishing spots and they use these systems to help them find the spot when they return to the area to fish.

Some of the best real time GPS trackers use cellular phone towers to transmit data about the location of their receivers.


A real time GPS tracker is not a luxury it is a necessity. The world we live in has become more dangerous for us, our animals, and our families. We need to use every tool available to us to make sure that the things we treasure the most are protected as much as possible. Being able to pinpoint the exact location of someone, or something, that you value, is worth more than anything else in this world, because it gives you peace of mind.

Do not wait until a tragedy befalls you to invest in one of these global positioning systems. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best, is a safe motto to live by.

Hope this best real time GPS tracker reviews will help you to find the exact device for your needs.

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