Best Motorcycle Battery Charger in 2022 – Buying Guide

If you own a motorcycle then you know that you need a battery that is fully charged in order to crank your bike. Many motorcycles remain in storage for long periods of time, or remain in the garage waiting for their owners to have the time to ride them. While the bikes are sitting their batteries slowly lose their charge and when the owner is ready to ride the bike is not ready.

The only way to prevent this scenario is to have a battery charger that will keep your motorcycle battery hot and ready. The best motorcycle battery charger is one that is convenient, affordable, powerful, and small enough for you to travel with.

Our Process for Creating This List for You

We take the job of providing you with reviews on battery chargers for motorcycles very seriously. We gather both professional motorcycle enthusiasts and non-professional motorcycle enthusiasts and asked them to use the chargers to determine which of the tools were the best of the best.

We wanted to recommend chargers that were easy to use, safe to use, reliable, and affordable. After weeks of testing and careful consideration our testers reported the following to be the best motorcycle battery chargers out of all of the ones they tried.

Best Motorcycle Battery Charger 2022 Reviews

Battery Tender 021-0123, 12V, 0.75A Battery Charger

Battery Tender 021-0123

One of the biggest dangers that exist when you are dealing with a battery charger is that you will allow the cable ends to touch while you are making the connections and when those ends touch a spark will occur that could ignite a fire that causes equipment or bodily harm. This battery charge has spark proof features built in so this never occurs.

You can safely charge your batteries, all of your 12 volt batteries using this small and powerful device.

You can charge lead acid batteries, Gel batteries, WET batteries, sealed batteries, AGM batteries, flooded batteries, and your maintenance free batteries. This charger will not allow your batteries to be overcharged or damaged during the charging process.

The unit is designed to work without you turning any switches during operation. It is okay if you do not know how much charge the battery has because junior will detect the charge in the battery and adjust the type of charging it supplies so that your battery is maintained and never damaged. This feature increases the life and health of batteries, especially the absorbed glass materials and the Gel cell batteries.

The unit is simple to operate and both novice and expert individuals will get excellent results from it. It is light enough to carry with you whenever you are away from home, and small enough to be easy to store both at home and while you are away.

Black & Decker BM3B 6V and 12V Automatic Battery Charger

The built in circuit protection on the Black & Decker BM3B allows you to know that the device will not be connected wrong and cause damage to your battery or equipment. That makes it safe for you to allow a novice user to make the battery connections and help you care for the batteries around your house.

It is fully automatic so if you connect the device you do not have to stay close by and watch the device or make changes as the battery receives a charge.

The fully automated system will provide the proper amount of current according to what type of charge the battery requires. The device knows whether your batter needs a charge, or if it is almost charged and simply needs finishing off, or if the battery is completely charged and simply needs to be monitored so the full charge can be maintained until you need the battery. All you have to do is connect the unit and turn it on.

It charges all types of batteries so you can safely use it on Gel, WET, AGM, flooded, sealed or lead acid batteries. That makes it valuable because you can use it on more batteries around your place. Car batteries, small engine batteries, watercraft batteries, and lawn equipment batteries will all be properly maintained and charged for you.

Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH 12-Volt 4-Bank Battery Management System

Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH

You can easily connect this battery charger to the battery of your vehicle. It is designed to be safe to use with the most popular battery types on the market today so you do not have to know what type of battery you have prior to purchase, or if you want to gift someone with this charger you can be assured that it will work for them.

This is a four bank charging unit so it charges four batteries at the same time, all while managing to make sure that each battery is receiving the proper current for the type of charging that it needs at that time.

It is a smart tool that lets you maintain the batteries that you have without having to work or really think about the maintenance they are receiving.

It is very easy to use. You make the needed connections and then turn the unit on. The device knows what to do and the indicator lights will let you know the status of the charging that is occurring.

Battery Tender is one company that has a god reputation for designing equipment that is safe and reliable. The safety features on this device meet or exceed all of your expectations by preventing reverse polarity and stopping sparks from happening if the cable ends touch each other.

NOCO Genius G750 6v/12v 750mA Advanced Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer

The NOCO Genius G750 is a lightweight battery charger with the capacity so you can easily connect this battery charger to the battery of your vehicle. It is designed to be safe to use with the most popular battery types on the market today so you do not have to know what type of battery you have prior to purchase, or if you want to gift someone with this charger you can be assured that it will work for them.

The safety features of this unit are phenomenal.

You get the reversed polarity protection that will stop you from inadvertently creating havoc in your battery by connecting the wrong cable to the wrong terminal. You get the spark protection that will stop you from creating a fire hazard if you allow the two battery cable ends to make contact. 

It has a four and a half foot DC output cord so you can easily connect the charger wherever you find the most convenient and it also has a 72 hour timer that you can rely on.

It is small so it is very easy for you to carry this charging unit with you when you travel. You never have to worry about having a dead battery on your bike when you are ready to ride.

Motorpower MP00205A 12V 800mA Fully Automatic Battery Charger

In order to extend the life expectancy of your battery while it is in storage or not in frequent use you should have a maintenance charger that will monitor the battery and keep the battery at its optimum working capacity. The MotorPower MP00205A is a fully automatic battery charger that can do that for you.

This is a worry free battery charger that can be used on whatever type of battery you happen to have.

Gel cell, AGM, flooded, WET, or lead acid batteries are all chargeable using this handy device. This is possible because the battery charger is fully automatic and will prevent overcharging and battery damages without you doing anything. You simply connect the battery to the charger, turn the charging unit on, and then let the charger do its job.

This unit is designed with the latest safety features. It has the reverse polarity protection and the anti-spark protection so the risk of injury or damage to your equipment is almost totally eliminated.

It also comes with a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer. That shows a high level of confidence from the manufacturer.

LST Trickle Battery Charger Automatic Maintainer 6V 12V

This is the battery charger that you want if you want to be able to charge all types of 12 volt batteries, including: lead acid, gel cell, and absorbed glass material batteries. This device is safe to use on all of these different batteries. It does not matter if you have a flooded or a sealed battery as long as you have this charger.

We all know that the AGM batteries cannot tolerate being overcharged but with this fully automatic unit you will never have to worry about an overcharge occurring.

It has a microprocessor in the charging unit will determine how much of a charge your battery requires. It will charge the battery to capacity and then it will stop charging. If your battery remains connected to the charging unit and the unit senses that the battery is losing some power it will kick on and bring the battery back to a full charge before stopping again.

You will not have to worry about making an incorrect connection, or about accidentally allowing the charging cable ends to make contact while you re hooking up the charger. This unit has fuse powered safety features that will not let either of these things occur.

Schumacher XM1-5 1.5 Amp Fully Automatic Power Charger and Maintainer

The Schumacher XM 1-5 is the ideal choice if you have batteries that remain in storage for long periods of time. This battery charger works equally well on the small and the large batteries and it is fully automatic. That means that the battery charger knows exactly how much power your battery has and knows exactly how much more charging your battery can handle without letting the battery get overcharged. You do not have to do anything or worry about anything because the battery charger will automatically switch from fully charging with maximum power to maintenance charging with intermediate or slower charges.

The LED lights on the charger will let you know for sure that the charger is properly connected and when it is in the process of charging a battery or when the battery it is connected to is fully charged. There will be no guessing with this battery charger.

It has reverse hook-up protection that prevents you from connecting the negative cable to the positive terminal on your battery, and vice versa. When you connect the wrong cable to the wrong terminal you can potentially do a great deal of harm to your battery or to you.

Schumacher SC-10030A SpeedCharge 2/12- 30/100 Amp Automatic Charger

The Schumacher SC-100030A Speed-Charge can provide a 100 Amp engine start so if you have a dead 6 volt or 12 volt battery you can get on the trail faster. You can expect your battery to go from dead to full charge in half of the time that it takes most other battery chargers to do the job. It also includes an alternator tester. The alternator tester can alert you if your dead batteries are a result of an alternator that is not functioning up to capacity.

You will have the power to charge both 6 volt and 12 volt batteries and you will also be able to maintain the charge on these batteries. If you do not get to ride your bike as often as you would like then you can know that the battery will be hot and ready to go if you have one of these chargers connected to it. The 2 Amp slow charge rate is the perfect maintenance speed.

This unit weighs less than a pound so it will not add weight to your bike and it is easily moved or maneuvered. 

It is ideal for gel cell and absorbed glass material batteries. Both of these types of batteries need to be charged at slower charge rates to keep them from being overcharged and damaged. This automatic device will insure that your equipment is safe.

Black & Decker BC2WBD 2 Amp Waterproof Automatic Battery Charger

This unique battery charger is perfect for the motorcycle enthusiast because motorcycle riders are not stopped by dust or rain and this charger is completely sealed so it in impervious to damages that might result from dust or moisture. It can tolerate being out in the rain or it can tolerate a submersion when you cycle through standing water.

You get a smart battery charger than offers you three different ways to connect to your battery.

You can use the 12V DC accessory plug to connect this to your battery, or you can use the battery clamps to make the connection, or there are battery terminal rings that can be used to create the connection. The charging unit has a magnetic backing and a hanging hook so you will have your charger with you and will not worry about losing it during a ride.

It is a fully automatic device so it can sense when your battery needs a quick charge to boost the power and when it needs a slower maintenance charge to keep it hot. This technology prevents overcharging and damages that overcharging can cause.

What to Look for Before you Buy

Before you rush out to buy a motorcycle battery charger you should consider some of the following things. What type of battery do you have on your bike and how often do you ride your motorcycle? If you ride daily for at least ten miles then the alternator on your motorcycle will probably keep your battery at full charge capacity, but if you are a weekend rider, or an occasional rider, then you do need a charger that will maintain a full charge without overcharging your battery.

  • Hanging hooks and magnetic backs make these items easier to keep and use
  • An alternator checker can help you to know when your bike needs to make a trip to the repair technician
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Anti-spark protection
  • A charger that is small and lightweight so you can easily travel with it
  • A charger that will work on multiple types of batteries so you can get maximum use from the tool
  • A warranty that tells you the manufacturer has complete confidence in the equipment they have designed
  • Overcharging protection
  • Fully automatic so you can turn it on and leave it working
  • A device that will provide both a charge and a maintenance or float charge so your battery is always hot and ready
  • What type of connections are available with the device

Not all batteries are the same. Not all motorcycles have the same types of connections for the batteries that power them. Know what kind of connections you have on your motorcycle and know how easy it is to get to the battery on your motorcycle. If it is difficult to get to the battery on your motorcycle then make use you get a battery charger that easily stays in place.

Do you ride in inclement weather or do you ride through water? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you need to make sure the battery charger that you buy is sealed and waterproof. You can also buy a waterproof charger if you ride down a lot of long dusty paths or roads. The sealed units that are waterproof will also be dust proof and the dust from your rides will not interfere with the working process of your charger.

We all have budgets so look at price before you decide. You also want to look at warranties and customer feedback on the devices before you make your final decision. Price is a small portion of what should be considered, but you do not want to spend more than you can afford so to lower price you might want to consider chargers with fewer accessory features. 

Motorcycle Battery Tender VS Trickle Charge

A motorcycle battery tender is a device that can be connected to the battery of your motorcycle for the purpose of maintaining the perfect charge. The motorcycle battery tender is more advanced than the average trickle charger.

A trickle charger is designed to be connected to a battery that is not frequently used and it will allow a trickle, or a small amount of charging current to be supplied to the battery until it is disconnected. The current being supplied does not change when the battery is full and this can result in the battery that is connected to the trickle charger suffering from being overcharged.

The battery tender is designed to monitor the battery that it is connected to and to know when it needs to provide a charge and when it needs to simply wait on the battery. With a motorcycle battery tender you are safe from your battery being damaged because it is over-charged. This is especially important if you have an absorbed glass material battery or a Gel cell battery on your motorcycle.

A trickle charger should be disconnected when the battery it is connected to has reached a full charge. If your motorcycle is not used very often then you will have to frequently connect the trickle charger, allow the battery to be completely charged, or topped off, then go disconnect the charger. If you forget to connect the charger then when you are ready to ride your motorcycle the battery may very well be dead.

If you own a motorcycle battery tender then you are supposed to connect the device to your motorcycle, plug the device into a household electrical source, and then turn the device on. You will not need to check and see when the battery is charged and you will not need to connect and disconnect the battery tender. The tender is meant to be left connected to the battery until you are ready to ride the motorcycle.

Final Thoughts

A battery charger is almost a must have for people who own motorcycles. If you own a motorcycle that you do not ride several times each week then a battery charger is a must have for you.

Determining the best motorcycle battery charger is not hard. Evaluate the type of motorcycle battery you have, the amount of time the charger will need to be connected to the battery, and the basic features you want your charger to have.

Buying a motorcycle battery charger with fewer features may save you money, but you should never buy chargers that do not have the basic safety tools. Reverse polarity protection and overcharging protection may save you a lot of money in the future.

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