The 5 Best H7 Bulbs in 2019 – Brightest Headlights Review

To understand how to select the brightest H7 bulbs our experts explained that you had to understand what an H7 bulb was and how it worked.

An H7 bulb has a single filament. These bulbs can give you the brightest headlights and the ultimate amount of visibility when you are driving in low light, or reduced visibility situations.

Our experts took a look at several H7 bulbs and they chose the following four as the best and brightest options. When selecting the bulbs the experts compared how easy they were to install, how much light they produced, their longevity, and their distinguishable features.

Best H7 Bulb 2019 – Reviews

SYLVANIA – H7 SilverStar Ultra – Best h7 LED Bulb

These H7 headlight bulbs will provide you with the ultimate amount of visibility down the road in front of your vehicle. They provide you with the ability to see all of the roadway so you are forewarned of any potential dangers that lie ahead of you.

They are designed with the Tri-band Technology (patented by Sylvania) and this technology provides the ultimate amount of clarity and contrast to objects. It creates this amazing clarity because the light produced by the bulbs is whiter than the light you get from the common headlight bulbs.

The bulbs have a color temperature of 4100k so the color they produce is very close to natural daylight colorization.

The bulbs are in complete compliance with the standards and requirements established by NHTSA. They are also certified as legal for road usage by the standards established by DOT.

These lights improve your reaction time, and your safety. They also reduce the amount of eye strain you suffer when driving at night.

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Philips X-treme Vision – Brightest H7 LED Bulb

When you compare these Philips X-treme vision bulbs with a standard headlight bulb you will find that these bulbs create 130% more light. They actually project a light beam that reaches 147 feet (45 meters) farther down the road than the standard light bulb does. That extra footage is going to give you more time to react to any potential hazards in the road. It will also alert wildlife of your presence sooner so they can get out of your path. At this increased distance your reaction time will be increased by a minimum of 2 seconds.

These lights allow you to focus easier because their color temperature produces a light color that is more natural. The color temperature is 3700k so you can comfortably see the road ahead of you.

They are coated with the Philips patented gradient coating that allows the bulbs to produce a light with more power than most other headlight bulbs.

They are designed to provide you quality light for about 450 hours of operational time.

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Cougar Motor H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

These headlight bulbs are home to the top LED chips available. That means you get an improved light beam that does not have dark spots or shadows in it.

The bulbs produce 30W each so you get 60W out of the pair. They have a color temperature of 6000K so the light they do produce is bright white and not tinged yellow or blue. This white light is easier for your eyes to focus with so you have less eyestrain and less fatigue when you drive.

These bulbs stay cooler than the normal bulbs due to the heat dissipation they have. They are designed with a copper core heat sink that is double folded and then housed in an all-aluminum housing. To create even more cooling potential a turbo-cool fan with 10,000 rpm has been designed into the bulb housing. Because you have bulbs that stay cooler you can expect them to last longer. These lights will last a maximum of 50,000 hours while providing bright, brilliant, continuous light each time you request it.

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BEAMTECH H7 LED Headlight Bulb

The technology used to create these headlight bulbs is so advanced that you are getting a long lasting, super powerful, clear white, light unlike any you have ever imagined. These bulbs will show you things you never saw before while driving, because they project their light farther, and the illuminate more clearly.

These bulbs produce 4000 lumens each for a total of 8000 lumens. The number of lumens a bulb produces tells you how bright the light the bulbs produce will be. 8000 lumens is a powerful bright light, and far brighter than the common headlight bulbs can produce.

These bulbs have a color temperature of 6500 kelvins. The number of kelvins a headlight is capable of producing determines the color of the light they produce. At 6500k these bulbs will produce a clear white light that will be easier for you to see into. Your eyes will not become as tired because the light is not as harsh and the clarity of the light increases contrast so you do not have to squint and try to make out a shadowy figure looming ahead.

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SYLVANIA – H7 XtraVision – High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb (Contains 2 Bulbs)

These Xtravision headlight bulbs have an increased output of light farther in front of your vehicle. They allow you to see farther down the road and increase the safety of your family.

They are designed and produced with the Sylvania standard of quality that has kept this company producing light bulbs for more than one hundred years.  There is no question that they are durable, long lasting, reliable, and will perform to a high standard.

These bulbs produce 55W of brilliant light that does not have a harsh glare. The glare produced by some headlights can temporarily blind oncoming traffic. These lights produce little to no glare so you and everyone else on the road are safer.

These bulbs will give you greater amounts of light and save you from the tired eyes yo get when driving at night. The technology that stops them from creating a glare also creates a light that is easy on your eyes to reduce tired eyes.

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Rigidhorse 8000LM 70W

These headlight bulbs produce light that is 300% brighter that halogen bulbs produce. The effective light they produce is 85% more effective than the illumination from the majority of their competitors.

They have a 3600 housing design. The housing is made of aviation grade aluminum, and the 3600 design insures that the bulbs fit properly into all types of vehicles, and you have no concerns with rust or corrosion. They can provide the perfect beam in whatever vehicle they are installed in.

They have an IP68 waterproof rating. To understand the IP classification you should know that the first number indicates that the item has a specific ability to resist infiltration and damage that might be caused by solid matter like dust or debris. A number 6 indicates full protection from harmful dust exposure, like dirt that may come up from the road surface for a period of 8 hrs. Six is the highest number rating,

The second number indicates how long the item could be immersed in a certain depth of water without being damaged.

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Auxbeam Headlights F-S2 Series

These headlight bulbs contain enormously powerful COB chips that create spectacular illumination in a bright white light. They have a life expectancy of more than thirty thousand hours, and they have a built in CPU so there will be no delay between the time you turn on the switch to bring your lights to life and the time they start to provide you with that light.

These lights have a 360 degree clear beam zone so there are no blind spots, or no dark areas where potential dangers can lurk. When the darkness blocks your way these lights will chase away the darkness and give you the ability to drive without fear, fatigue, or anxiety.

The dampness of the fog and rainy days will not prevent these lights from providing you with the white light you need. They have an IP65 waterproof rating so you know they are not bothered by the moisture all around them.

They are very easy to install. You can do this yourself and do not have to take your car into a shop.

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HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit-H7

The HIKARI LED headlight bulbs are 220% brighter than the majority of all other headlight bulbs of the same classification. They provide you with a 9600lm output of brilliant light in a flawless beam pattern. The beam is adjustable so you can be assured that these lights will work properly on your vehicle and you will have an easier time seeing the roadway in the dark, and during inclement weather.

These lights are perfectly compatible with the majority of after-market headlight dustcovers. They meet the standard specifications for use on Dodge vehicles, Chevy vehicles, Ford vehicles, GMC vehicles, Jeeps, and many more vehicle types.

They also meet all of the requirements set up by the Department of Transportation for legal lighting on vehicles.

These lights are easy to install and most people do their own installation. They save you money because of this, and they save your family from possible accidents or injuries because they create the light beam you need in order to be able to drive safely when your field of vision is impaired by the cloak of darkness.

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HELLA 12 V H7 55 Watt Headlight Bulb

These lights are DOT certified for safety and performance. They are also certified by ECE and INMETRO. When you buy these lights you know that the company has done everything in their power to create safe, reliable products that you can depend on.

HELLA has been producing automotive lighting, and leading in the production of automobile lighting, for more than 100 years. The company has spent decades developing and producing products that people can trust. Their good name, and the fact that they have been in business for such a long time tells us that they make quality items and they obviously offer excellent customer service.

With these bulbs you get a product that fits perfectly and provides the optimum amount of light while using the minimum amount o energy. It is critical that when you turn the knob to illuminate your headlights that your headlights come on. With these lights you can be assured that they will light up every time you need them, and they will shine brightly for many hours. They are certified by SAE/DOT, ECE, and INMETRO.

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HUMSTAR H7 Led Headlight Bulb

One of the best features of these headlight bulbs is that they are so easy to replace. Forget how difficult it was to replace the old halogen bulb you once used. These small bulbs are powerful and they quickly plug into the right spot, with no struggles because of their size.

Another fantastic feature of these headlight bulbs is the fact that they last for an incredibly long amount of time. You do not have to change these bulbs often because they will provide you with about fifty thousand hours of service before they need to be replaced. That means these lights can actually function properly for more than 17 years.

The light you will receive from these bulbs is about 200 percent greater than what you get from the common halogen bulb.  The beam pattern they emit is flawless, and it reaches greater lengths than most of the common bulbs you are accustomed to using. You will be amazed at the clarity of vision and how far ahead of your car that you are going to be able to see.

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The H7 headlight bulbs are single filament bulbs that have a greater capacity for heat dissipation, provide more tangible light than most halogen bulbs, are easy to install, and last probably longer than the vehicle they are in.

People like the bright white light these bulbs produce. They like how easy they are to install and maintain. They also like that they can see farther and have a greatly reduced chance of accidents because these bulbs shine farther down the road, and create such a clear image for you.

These bulbs will provide you with security, safety, reliability, and peace of mind.

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