Best H11 Bulbs in 2021 – Comparison and Reviews

The Halogen light bulbs are low cost bulbs but they have a short lifespan so they have to be replaced frequently and they are fragile. The LED bulbs are more expensive initially but they provide great energy efficiency and they have a long lifespan.

In our quest to find the best H11 Bulbs we asked our experts to try the bulbs to determine how effective they were, how bright the light output from them was, how easy they were to install, and if the bulbs had any unique features that made them better than the others in their class. The following 6 bulbs were determined by those experts to be the best, of the best.

Best H11 Bulb 2021 Reviews

Philips H11 X-Treme Vision – Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

When you buy headlight bulbs you want to make sure that you are getting durable bulbs. You want bulbs that provide bright and white light. You want bulbs that are compliant with regulations so your vehicle is legal to drive and will pass all state inspections. You want the Philips Xtremem vision bulbs.

These bulbs come in a two pack because the experts advise you to always replace both headlight bulbs at the same time. This practice will insure that you have the brightest light when driving at night or in low light situations.

These bulbs are compliant with all DOT regulations and standards. They provide the maximum amount of light possible.

They produce clear light that is white and less harsh on your eyes. The light they produce is also less likely to create a glare for other drivers. They are great for people who drive in rural areas.

SYLVANIA – H11 XtraVision – Brightest H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

These bulbs produce 55 watts of bright white light that will help you to be able to see further down the road with less shadows,

They produce clear white light that enhances the definition of objects in or near the path you are driving. This increases the amount of response time you have and reduces the possibility of you having an accident.

They produce light that has less glare so when you are driving in rain or fog you will have an improve line of sight.

When you are driving in the dark the light will be so pure that your eyes will not have to squint to be able to look into it. You will have less eye strain and less nighttime driving fatigue.

Their white light also improves the driving for other drivers. They produce less glare so other drivers can see better and are less likely to swerve into your lane. Here you go, one of our top review posts: Brightest 9007 Bulbs

SYLVANIA – H11 SilverStar Ultra – Best Headlight Bulbs for Night Driving

These light bulbs are called “ultra” vision bulbs because they provide “ultra” vision when you are driving at night. These bulbs are especially useful if you drive in rural areas where there are no streetlights and dense foliage on the sides of the road.

The produce a white light, instead of a yellow, or blue light, that many headlight bulbs emit. The white light is closer to the natural light you would see in the daylight and helps you to be able to define the objects ahead of you faster, and with less eye strain.

These light bulbs provide farther projection of the light beam they emit than the standard halogen bulbs provide. That means you can see farther and be warned of obstacles sooner. They produce 55 watts of light that insure you better vision.

They are a low glare producing bulb so you can see and the other drivers on the road can also see.

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

When you want stronger light that is much brighter than what is available from standard headlights then you want these Cougar Motor LED headlight bulbs.

These bulbs produce a combined total of 7200 lumens and they use the top quality CREE LED chips to do so. They do not have shadows and dark spots in their light production, and you will be able to see farther down the road than you thought was possible.

They have a color temperature rating of 6000k and they each produce 30 watts of white light. 

Your eyes will thank you because it is easier for your eyes to focus in this white light than in the light produce by standard bulbs.

These bulbs do not need to be replaced often. You can expect to replace them once every seventeen years or so because they will illuminate your path for a continuous 50,000 hours. What about the other headlight categories?  Checkout these two cool reviews posts: Best and Brightest H7 Bulb and Top rated 194 LED Bulbs 

HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit-H11(H8,H9), 2020

These bulbs are incredible. They can withstand high temperatures, and they are water resistant, and long lasting. These bulbs will fit the majority of the OEM headlight dustcovers, and they come in a handy two pack.

The light beam they produce is flawless and white. They have a color temperature rating of 6000k and produce 9600 lumens so their light production is as bright as it is white.

They actually produce light that is more than 200% brighter than the light you get from a standard headlight bulb.

They have an adjustable beam so you can direct the path of the light properly for the vehicle that you drive.

They produce distinct contrast for things that may be on the side of the road so you can clearly see if there is any potential danger.

They give you brighter light, less eye strain, no harsh glare, and a perfectly positioned beam. before moving to the next one, don’t forget to check this review post: Brightest 9005 Bulbs

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W

This conversion kit will change the way you see at night. If you have been using standard light bulbs designed for automobiles then you have been straining while trying to drive. You were straining to see the road ahead and putting your life in peril.

This conversion kit will give you brighter light than you have had. You will get a high beam luminous flux of 4000 lumens and a low beam luminous flux of 4000 lumens.

You will not worry about humidity or moisture causing complications with your lighting because these bulbs have an IP65 rating. Dust and moisture are prevented from entering their realm.

The light they create is white and clear. They have a color temperature of 6500 kelvins.

They last longer and dissipate heat faster because of their aviation aluminum used in their construction. You can expect to get 30,000 continuous light hours from them.

SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 High beam H11/H9 Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

This headlight combo provides more than the ordinary light bulbs provide. The high beams of this combo provide you with a brighter light output. The brighter light projects farther in front of your vehicle so you can see farther than you could before.

The brighter light is produced by a high lumen output, and this brightness allows you to see easier. Your eyes can focus faster and your reaction time to potential hazards is increased.

The low beams of this combo has a better beam pattern. You will not have the glare that can be produced by some bulbs, and you have a better vision in front of the vehicle and to the sides of the vehicle where danger may be lurking.

The bulbs have a high IP rating so they are water resistant, and they are dust resistant. They also have quick heat dissipation so they last longer than any standard bulb you have ever used. Another review article of Brightest H4 bulbs for your Car

IRONWALLS F-S2 Series 2PCS H11 LED Headlight Bulbs Fog Lights All-in-One Conversion Kit

The Ironwalls F-X6 are excellent bulbs that have many things going for them.

  • They are made from aviation grade aluminum
  • They are rust proof
  • They resist corrosion
  • They have an IP65 rating so they resist dust, dirt, debris, and water
  • They have 8000LM (the number of lumens indicates the amount of brightness they provide)
  • They utilize COB chips
  • They have a 360 degree beam so there are no blind zonesThey have a color temperature of 6500K (Kelvins are used to measure the color of the light the bulb emits, 6500K produces a bright white colored light. The white light reflects things like road paint better, and creates a stark contrast against objects)
  • They have engineered beam patterns that emit an increased amount of light at the perfect angles to increase visibility, even in inclement weather conditions like fog or rain
  • They install easily in less than 20 minutes
  • They are shockproof
  • They have a 1200R mini turbo fan to create a high amount of air flow and increase the cooling rate

These bulbs are considered to be some of the very best automotive light bulbs available. Looking for more? Check this one: Jeep Wrangler Fog Lights

H11 LED Headlights Bulb All In One Conversion Kit

This H11 LED headlights bulb all in one conversion kit is made by ENGINIEK. These lights will give you bright white light than projects farther in front of your vehicle than the light from your old Halogen bulbs could project.

These bulbs provide superb visibility and they:

  • Last for as many as 50,000 hours, or roughly for about 17 years.
  • They provide a light beam that has no dark spots
  • They have a color temperature of 6000K
  • They are easily installed due to their Plug and Play technology
  • They produce light that is 200% brighter than the light emitted by Halogen bulbs
  • They do not interfere with any of the electronic equipment in your vehicle
  • They have an IP65 rating
  • They will not flicker or fade from bright to dim
  • They do not produce a blinding light that will interfere with other drivers on the road
  • They have a high speed turbo fan so they have faster cooling abilities which increases their lifespan
  • They have a 13,000L rating
  • They require less current than Halogen bulbs

This light conversion kit, can take you from the Halogen age into the LED age of automobile lighting.

OPT7 FluxBeam v.2 LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-LENS Beam Bulbs

When you are driving at night, driving through rain, driving in fog, or navigating your way through any inclement weather, you need headlights that give you bright light. The clear arc lens of these headlight bulbs will provide you with significant amounts of light, and will help reduce blind spots.

These bulbs provide you with:

  • About 3,598 lumens each. The proper number of lumens is critical for the bulb to produce light that can be directed in a perfect beam.
  • 1900 Lux (Lux is another factor that dictates how far ahead of you the light from your bulbs will be projected)
  • They are made from cold pressed high density aluminum so they are water resistant, they are corrosion resistant and they will not rust
  • They do not produce a blinding light that can cause other drivers to have reduced vision
  • Everything you need for installation comes in the box
  • They are easy to install

These bulbs are long lasting devices that will provide you with a safe, accurate light. By switching from Halogen to these LED lights you are improving your night vision and your safety.

JDM ASTAR G2 CSP Chips H11 H9 H8 All-in-One LED Headlight Bulbs

When you have to drive in the darkness you want to have the most light, projected the farthest distance, with the most clarity. This JDM Astar G1 8000 Lumens all in one headlight conversion kit can make sure that you have all of that and more.

These bulbs have:

  • 8000 raw lumens (that is 4000 lumens per bulb)
  • 1st generation COB LED chips
  • An IP65 waterproof rating
  • The ability to fit in place of H11, H8 or H9 bulbs
  • Anti-flicker technology
  • They produce 36 watts
  • Bright white light production
  • They are anti-glare lights that will help you see in foggy weather conditions and they help other drivers to see when you pass them
  • They increase safety for you, your family, your vehicle and other drivers
  • They provide increased clarity and visibility
  • They project light at a farther distance than most halogen bulbs
  • They are shock resistant
  • They are capable of lasting for thousands of hours without needing to be replaced
  • Require less voltage than most halogen bulbs

Installing these H11 bulbs in your automobile will save you money and anxiety.

Set of 2 Osram/Sylvania Long Life Halogen H11 Headlight Bulbs

These Sylvania H11 halogen long life headlight bulbs are affordable, dependable, highly productive, and produced by a company that has a name we all associate with great light producing products.

The Osram Sylvania long life Halogen bulbs do create a light that is brighter than most other halogen lights. The light is more of a yellow light than a clear white light. Their color temperature is not high enough to produce a total white light effect. With this said you should be told that even though the light they produce has more of a yellow hue it is still excellent light that illuminates your path well.

These bulbs also:

  • Save you money on initial investment when compared to LED lights of the same size
  • Have a UV filter
  • Do not produce a bright glare that can affect the vision of other drivers who are passing you
  • Create less of a glare when you are driving in dense fog
  • Have a long lifespan

These light bulbs are the perfect solution for many older vehicles.

SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The SNGL super bright LED headlight conversion kit will provide you with light that is three to four times brighter than the light most LED bulbs produce. Brighter light means increased visibility, and that means safer driving for you.

These bulbs also:

  • Have a 6000K rating
  • Produce a wider light beam that projects farther than most light bulbs
  • Do not produce glare so they do not blind oncoming drivers
  • They last for about 50,000 hours of operation, and that is about 17 years.
  • They have a waterproof rating of IP67 so you can drive in the rain and the humid conditions without worrying that the moisture will affect your headlights
  • They have an intelligent constant cooling system so they do not overheat and short out
  • The light they produce does not decay or become dimmer as time passes. They produce a pure white light for their entire lifespan.
  • They have built in pulse protection

Converting from halogen bulb technology to the LED technology using this light kit will increase your safety while on the road.

How to Choose The Best H11 Bulbs

When you are buying an H11 replacement bulb there are a few things you should consider about the lights you are selecting.

How Easy is the Bulb to Install?

You want to make sure that the H11 bulb you are purchasing will be easy to install. Some of the manufacturers of these bulbs make their installation process so complicated that you need a mechanic to change a light bulb.

Color Temperature and Light Clarity

When you are operating your headlights you want the light to be clear and you want the light to have as few dark spots as possible. Be sure that you buy light bulbs that have a kelvin rating of at least 4600 so you can get lights that are clear and bright white.

Illumination Projection

You want to pay attention to how far ahead of the vehicle the light bulb is supposed to project the light. You want to buy light bulbs that are capable of projecting the light a great distance from the front of the car so you can see things for a greater distance and have more time to react to objects in the roadway.


You want to buy light bulbs that you can adjust the beam on. You want to be able to direct the beam of light so that your illumination field is precisely in front of your vehicle. If the bulb shines too high or too low it can reduce the distance of illumination that you will have.

Life Expectancy

You want to buy the bulb that has the greatest life expectancy. The number of hours that the bulb is designed to last will decrease or increase how often you have to buy replacements. Buy bulbs that are designed to last so you do not have to change them frequently.


How long does the H11 bulb last?

The majority of H11 bulbs are designed to last a minimum of 30, 000 hours. There are 8760 total hours in a year, so there are roughly 4380 nighttime hours. If you operated your H11 bulb every night, all night long, your bulbs should last about 7 years before they need to be replaced.

What car uses H11 bulb?

The H11 bulbs will fit a large number of automobile makes and models. Car manufacturers from Acura to Volvo use these bulbs in many of their automobiles. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to determine which bulb your car uses. You will also find that these bulbs can be used in after-market fog lights, and other specialty lighting items.

How to change H11 bulb

The H11 bulb is easy to change, but be cautious and try not to touch the bulb with your bare hand, because the oils from your hands can ruin the bulb.


At one time the Halogen light bulbs were the brightest and best lighting products available. Today the Halogen bulbs simply cannot produce the same amount or quality of light that you can get from the H11 LED lights. The LED light technology has created bulbs that produce more light, project light to a farther distance, and last longer amounts of time.

The LED lights remain cooler and that is the main reason for their increased lifespan. Most people trade in their cars long before their LED light bulbs need to be replaced.

Make the conversion today and see for yourself the difference these bulbs make.

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