Best Come Along for Vehicle Recovery – Winch and Power Puller Reviews in 2021

A come along winch, or power puller is a manually operated tool that helps you to move objects that are far too heavy for just manpower. These winches can help you get out of the mud or unstuck, they can help you when you are pulling the motor from a vehicle, they can also help you lift heavy objects onto your trailer or into the back of your truck. And they can help you move small portable buildings or heavy objects over a few feet.

In our quest to discover the Best Come Along winch for Vehicle Recovery available we reviewed several of these items, and we asked experts who had used the winches before to try them out, and novices that had never used one to also try them out. The results of these trials were used to create the following list of power pullers.

9 Best Come Along for Vehicle Recovery – Reviews

TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Come Along Puller Winch

9.2Expert Score
Best Overall

TEKTON 5547 – Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • 21 inches long Steel ratchet handle
  • Nonslip grip foe easy operation
  • steel corrosion-resistant with Galvanized finish
  • Only for lightweight work
  • Ratchet and gears often disengage

The TEKTON 5547 four ton dual gear power puller is a come along winch designed to be versatile and useful on construction sites when retrieving off-road vehicles when moving heavy equipment or doing projects around the farm. The self-closing safety latches ensure that your load is properly secured and is in no danger of being released before you are ready to release it.

The dual gears and the locking pawls on this come along to allow the weight of the load to be evenly distributed so the tool is not put under an enormous strain on just one side. The quarter-inch braided steel cable that comes with the winch is aircraft-grade so it has the tensile strength to do the job you ask it to do. This cable gives you a full length of twelve feet and seven inches.

The cushioned non-slip grip on the ratchet handle will allow you to work longer with less hand strain and less fatigue. It also gives you the ability to let the heavier loads down one notch at a time.

When you use a single line on the winch you have the capacity to move or lift 4,000 pounds and when you use the dual-line you double that lifting capacity to 8,000 pounds.

TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller

TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller
8.8Expert Score
Runners Up

TEKTON 5541 – Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • One Handed Operation, you can pull heavy load with one hand
  • Air Craft Graded cable
  • Large handle with nonslip grip for extra safety
  • Durable, strong and comfortable to use
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty work

With the 3/16th of an inch, aircraft rated braided cable that comes with this come along winch you are going to be able to lift a maximum of four thousand pounds at one time, but the recommended safe working load is actually two thousand pounds.

This enormous amount of lifting is done using a ratcheting gear pulley system that allows you to only use one hand while you are operating this winch. 

You can be certain that once you have lifted your load that it is going to remain safely in the grasp of the come along winch because of the self-closing safety latch hooks designed on the tool.  

The winch is completely made of hardened steel so you know that it has the power to do the work without buckling and the manufacturer coated the steel with a galvanized finish so you do not have to worry about rust or corrosion. The manufacturer increased the durability of the winch by laminating the locking pawl and the steel gear.

The winch has an automatic one notch at a time let down system that ensures that your load is gently set down where you want it so the load is not damaged and you are never in danger. 

ComparisonBenefits and Issues


  • Max. Pull Length of TEKTON 5547 has been increased than the previous model, now it is 12 feet, 7 inches and in the previous version, it was 7 feet, 10 inches.
  • This time this a 2 gears winch while in the previous version there was 1 gear only.
  • Handle Length is also increased by 4 inches for the new version – this time it is 21 inches


  • The latest version that is TEKTON 5547 is heavier than the previous version of TEKTON 5541 – the weight of the new version is 14 pounds whereas it was 8 pounds only for the earlier version of this brand.

Torin Big Red Come-Along Double Gear Hand Cable Puller with 3 Hooks: 4 Ton (8,000 lb) Capacity

8.8Expert Score
Runners Up

Torin Big Red – Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Comes with a double gear puller for lowering, lifting, stretching and pulling
  • It is made of sturdy steel which indicates its durability
  • Double wheels and claws make it more durable than the other models
  • The cable is shorter than any other standard come along winch – 4 feet only

This is a 4 ton winch that can be used to lift and move things around a farm or ranch, in a workshop or automotive shop, and around the home. This 4 ton piece of equipment is suitable for lifting and moving very heavy objects, (it has an 8000 lb capacity) so it can be very useful to commercial shops and homeowners. The winch is an eleven pound item that measures 32.75 x 6.5 x 5 inches.

 It can easily be hooked to a tree or immobile object and be used to pull a heavy piece of equipment like a tractor, or a large vehicle out of the mud, or loose sand. If you work in places like logging woods or you travel to hunting clubs and places where you can easily get stuck, having this bad boy winch with you can mean the difference between easily getting your equipment unstuck, and fighting to get it unstuck.

You can lift the heaviest of automotive engines using this tool and never have to worry about the come along winch not being able to lift and support the weight for the entire time you are working. 

It is a workhorse tool that can also be used to help you lift up the huge tires that go on tractors and heavy equipment so that they can be loaded onto trailers and taken for repair.

Neiko 02256A Come Along Cable Puller, Dual Gears | 5-Ton Capacity

Neiko 02256A Come Along Cable Puller, Dual Gears | 5-Ton Capacity

This heavy duty come along winch is for serious heavy lifting. When a come along winch is this large they are also known as a cable puller because they do not lift with a rope or light-weight cable, they use a serious cable that is capable of holding a lot of pounds. This winch is made from heavy duty steel so you will not have to worry about the winch buckling under the strain of the load you are lifting with it.

 It also has a very powerful ratcheting system that will allow you to use only one hand no matter how large and heavy the load is that you are lifting.

One of the reasons why this winch is capable of lifting so much weight is that it has a double gear design that allows the weight to be evenly distributed. It also has an industrial hand ratchet handle that is coated with a PVC coating that will allow you to have a better grip and an increased amount of leverage.

One of the concerns with using a come along winch is safety. This particular come along winch has three latching hooks so you can be certain that the load you are lifting is as secure as possible and you are as safe as possible while you work.

TR Industrial Portable 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

TR Industrial Portable 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

This come along inch is made to provide you with the ability to move four tons or eight thousand pounds with a tool that weighs less than ten pounds. This come along winch is thirty percent lighter than its competitors and yet it has the power to do the job.If you have a vehicle that is stuck in the mud then this is the tool that is going to get that vehicle back onto solid ground again, 

and you can easily store this come along behind the seat of your pick-up truck so it is easy to get to whenever you need it.

When you want to move a large amount of weight you want a tool you know will not buckle or break under the pressure of the load. This come along is fashioned completely of hardened steel so it can handle any strain you put it under. It is also coated in a galvanized coating so you do not have to worry about rust or corrosion.

You are going to get a ¼ inch aircraft-grade braided cable when you buy the come along but this tool is capable of handling up to ½ inch chains. The 3/8 inch hooks you connect to are drop forged and have a safety latch that will keep your load securely in place.

Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made

This one ton come along winch comes with a cable that is 3/16” in diameter and 12’ in length. You will have a 15:1 leverage when you are using this item, and the ability to make a 12’ lift. The entire come along winch only weighs 7.63 pounds so it is easy to lift up and hook to you’re a-frame, or to whatever you are using to make your lift with.

If you have ever used a come along winch then you know they are manually operated and you can experience a lot of hand fatigue while you are using them. The non-slip plastic grip on this tool will help to reduce the amount of hand fatigue that you experience.

The OSHA approved safety latches will provide you hook connections that do not release before you want them to release. The winch is made with a one piece aluminum allow ratchet wheel that is safe and dependable, but light and easy to use. When you have a heavy load lifted you want to know that the winch is going to be able to sustain that load until you are ready to let the load down. The notch at a time let down will help you to safely lower the item you have lifted.

Maasdam A-20 3/4 Ton Rope Puller with 20 Feet 0.5-Inch Diameter Rope

This come along winch uses a 20’ rope that is 0.5 inches and can be used to recover vehicles, secure materials to trucks or trailers, handle logs and help you to pull stumps from the ground, helps you to move boats and trailers, transport heavy items of furniture like large appliances or pianos, and to clear debris from your property.

The rope that it comes with will provide you with a 20’ lifting capacity but if you wish to have a longer length of rope this winch can handle an unlimited amount of rope so you could lift something from the ground up to any height you need to lift it. The OSHA recommended safety latches on the come along winch will ensure that you do not drop your load as you are lifting or moving it.

This winch has a long flexible reach that will conform to the load you are moving so your work will be done easier, and safely. It has non-slip plastic grip handles that help you to work without experiencing hand fatigue, and it has a notch at a time let down so you will be in complete control of your load when you are lowering it into place.

Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144SB-6 2 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made

This come along winch is perfect for anyone who is clearing away debris from their property, moving heavy pieces of furniture, moving heavy pieces of equipment, tightening conveyor belts, erecting buildings, or needing to pull a car engine. It weighs a mere 8.75 pounds and comes with a twelve foot long cable that is 3/16ths of an inch in diameter so you get the ability to lift an object six feet. 

 You also get a 30:1 leverage from this tool. You also get a 30:1 leverage from this tool.

To reduce the amount of hand fatigue you have when you are using the come along winch the manufacturer created a non-slip plastic grip that is comfortable in your hand. To improve the amount of safety you have when using the tool the manufacturer included OSHA recommended and approved safety latches and hooks that will stay connected as long as you need them to.

You get a tool with steel alloy pawls and a one piece aluminum ratchet wheel that is safe to use and can be relied on for dependability and service. The notch at a time let down feature assures you that when you are ready to set your load down it is not going to move so quickly that it injures you or the load.

How to Pick the Right Come Along winches for Vehicle Recovery

In order to choose the right come along winch for your needs, you are going to have to understand how the winches are rated to determine the amount of weight the winch you are considering can actually move.

A come along winch has the most power when it has a single wrap of cable on the drum. So the more winch line you have wrapped around the drum of the winch the less strength your winch actually has.

The pulling power of a come along winch with an 8,000 pound pulling capacity is :

  • Full power pulling if there is one layer of pulling rope or cable on the drum (8,000 lbs)
  • The pulling power is reduced by 12% if there are two layers of rope or cable present around the drum (7.040 lbs capacity now)
  • The pulling power is reduced by 23% if three layers of rope or cable are present around the drum (6,1195 lbs capacity now)
  • The pulling power is reduced by 32% if four layers of rope or cable are around the winch drum (5,452 lbs capacity now)
  • The pulling power is reduced by 40% if five layers of rope or cable are around the drum (4,798 lbs capacity now)

To choose the right come along you need to know what things you are going to use the tool for. This allows you to determine the maximum amount of lifting power you will need. For instance:

  • A one half ton come along could be used to tighten conveyor belts and do lighter lifting, they are handy for typical automotive uses like pulling engines
  • A one ton come along can be used around the farm, clear debris, to move heavy objects, recovering the ATV and to pull vehicles out of the mud and back onto the road. For jeep, you may read this review.
  • Larger come alongs are used when you have large pieces of construction equipment that may need to be moved, or when you are going to be lifting large construction materials and things like that

Final Notes

The best come along winch for you is one that has the pulling capacity to move the weight of the typical object that you will need to move. A come along winch gives you the leverage you need to move weights that are too much for you to move with manpower alone.

You want to get a come along winch that can be worked with one hand, and you want to find one that can be easily transported behind the seat of your truck if you plan to use the equipment to get vehicles out of the mud, or if you plan to carry the tool with you when you are working away from home.

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