The Best Car Battery Charger in 2022 – Reviews By Expert

We do not think about our car battery until we hop in the car ready to go somewhere and our car will not start. Many different things can cause a car battery to lose some of it’s cranking power, or completely go dead. Cold weather can zap the strength from a battery, and so can age, or problems with the alternator on your car.

To prevent complications like being late to work, or being unable to crank your car because of a dead battery all you have to do is buy a battery charger suitable for car batteries. Before you rush out and purchase a charger read the following reviews that will help you decide the best battery charger for your needs.

You want a charger that is affordable, easy to use, and capable of charging the type of battery that you have on your vehicle.

Best Car Battery Charger 2022 Reviews

Stanley BC25BS 25 Amp Bench Battery Charger

Stanley BC25BS

This battery charger is capable of providing a complete charge on any 12-volt battery. It charges both automotive and marine batteries so that your WET batteries, GEL batteries, or AGM batteries are ready to use when you need them.

It is a fully automatic charging system. It provides a complete charge to your battery in three stages. When you first hook the battery up it will create a fast charge,

and then when the battery has almost reached its capacity the device will switch over and slow the power down so that it charges completely, but does not overcharge the battery. When the battery has reached full power the charger will switch over to a float mode that will maintain the power of the battery but not let the battery overcharge. You simply connect the charger to your battery and plug it into a power source and let the machine do the work it was designed to do.

It is a safe machine that is equipped with polarity protection so you will not have to worry about sparks or causing damage to your battery.

This machine is also a quick charger. Sometimes your battery needs a little boost in order for it to crank your engine. This machine can provide that extra boost so you can quickly crank your vehicle and go where you need to go. The charger also checks the output of your vehicle’s alternator to determine whether the alternator is recharging the battery properly.

Battery Tender 800

Battery Tender 800

The Battery Tender 800 is approximately the size of a standard computer mouse. It will easily fit in the palm of your hand. Do not let the small size of this appliance fool you. It has plenty of power to charge your batteries. It works on lead-acid, flooded, and sealed maintenance batteries. So you can use it on your ATV batteries, lawn equipment batteries, watercraft and marine batteries, motorcycles, automobiles, and more. 

This one device will provide you an assurance of hot batteries on all of your equipment.

There are no worries about reversing the polarity when you connect the battery and causing sparking or damage. This little charger is designed to prevent such accidents from happening. It is very safe to use and will charge your battery and prevent short-circuiting accidents, sparks, or reverse polarity situations.

This little charging system is also completed protected from the damage that moisture can cause. The working mechanisms of the car charger are protected by an epoxy resin so that moisture cannot damage the working components and the epoxy resin compound that stops the moisture from damaging the device will also eliminate damage that can be caused by vibrations. This compound also eliminates the possibility of shock occurring while you use the charger.

The Battery Tender 800 comes with alligator clips and ring terminals to help you connect it to any of your batteries. This is a complete charging package that will be handy for just about everyone who needs a battery charger.

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

Battery Tender Plus

The Battery Tender Plus is designed to be connected to your battery and keep it hot even when your battery sits for a long time. People often buy trickle chargers and connect them to their marine batteries so that when they are ready to use their boat the batteries will be ready to operate their motors, or trolling motors. The problem with this is that trickle chargers can damage your batteries over time and cause them to be unable to hold their charge for a lengthy amount of time.

The Battery Tender Plus works something like the trickle chargers do, but it is designed to maintain the proper charge level on your battery so that your battery life is not reduced. 

This is a 1.25 amp battery charger, but it has enough strength to provide a complete charge as quickly as the larger 3 amp chargers do.

When you connect this charger to your battery you will appreciate the quick connect harness it has. The quick connect harness allows you to connect to batteries that are difficult to reach, and it has a 6-foot long power cord.

When you connect this little powerhouse of a charger up it will fully charge the battery it is connected to and then it will automatically switch over to a maintenance charge. You do not have to keep going out and checking to see when your battery is fully charged so you can make the switch over to the float mode.

NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2A Ultra-Safe Smart Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G7200

The NOCO Genius can safely charge both 12 volt and 24-volt batteries. This charger will allow you to keep a hot battery on your lawn mower, your automobile, your ATV, your personal watercraft, your motorcycle, your snowmobile, and any other motorized equipment you use for transportation or enjoyment.

This amazing charger not only charges your battery, but it also monitors the health of your battery, so that it can repair sulfated and dead batteries and increase the amount of use you get from the batteries.  Extending the life of your battery will save you both money and time.

One of the largest problems with a battery charger is sometimes people can connect the negative cable to the positive side of the battery and cause a reverse polarity. When this happens your battery can be permanently damaged. This charge will not work if the polarity is reversed so you never have to worry about that situation. Because of this feature, you will not have to worry about your battery sparking or blowing up and injuring the person using the charger. We have all heard stories about batteries sparking while they were being charged and causing damage to the person hooking them up. This is a safe and reliable charging system.

If you overcharge your battery you can damage it so that it will not work properly or maintain a charge. This device will not allow you to overcharge your battery so you can be assured that you are not damaging your battery.

Black & Decker BC25BD 25 Amp Bench Battery Charger

Black & Decker BC25BD

This battery charger is capable of charging both automotive and marine 12V batteries. It is safe to use when charging an AGM, a GEL, or a WET automotive battery.

This charger automatically switches from the fast charging set to the finish the charging setting, to the trickle charge that keeps a battery fully charged. It senses how much charge the battery has in it, and changes settings to produce a full charge without overcharging or damaging your battery. All you have to do is connect the device and then let it do its job.

If you need your car to crank really quickly the 75 amp engine start feature on this device will give your battery a power boost so that your car can be cranked in about 90 seconds without you waiting for the battery to develop a complete charge.

You will also love the battery reconditioning feature of this charging system. This feature helps to extend the life of your car or marine battery. That will save you time and money.

Another feature that makes this one of the top automobile battery chargers is the reverse polarity protection. This charger will not allow you to hook the positive and negative cables up incorrectly. It also has an LED screen that displays how much charge your battery has.

One of the greatest features of all on this charging system is the alternator check. This device will let you know if your battery is losing power because your alternator in your car is not functioning properly.

Car Battery Charger – Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy a charger for your automobile batteries you have to consider the type of battery that you have on your automobile and the size of your battery. When we talk about the size we are referring to the number of amp hours your battery is designed to have.

Batteries can be:

  • WET which is maintenance free batteries. You never have to add water or check the fluid levels in this type of battery. These are an older battery version and they are generally the cheapest type of automobile battery because they do not last as long as the other types.
  • AGM which are batteries absorbed glass batteries. They have a specialized material in place that moves the battery electrolytes from one battery plate to another. They only contain a small amount of liquid in them, and if you are in an accident and the battery is broken fluid or battery acid will not leak from the unit. These batteries can take a charge about five times faster than the average WET battery can. They also stand up to cold temperatures better than the WET or maintenance free batteries do. They can hold their charge when the temperature starts to plummet where often freezing temperatures will drain the power from a WET or maintenance free battery.
  • GEL which is valve regulated lead-acid batteries. This type of battery is also sometimes referred to as a VRLA. One of the drawbacks of the WET batteries is they have to be kept in an upright position. If they are tipped over the fluid can leak from their cells and the battery can be permanently damaged. The GEL cell batteries do not have liquid in them, they contain a mixture of sulfuric acid that is combined with a fumed silica that creates a gelled electrolyte that stays in place and will not leak out if the battery is not kept in an upright position.

Once you know what type of battery you will be charging buy a charger that is designed for a battery of that size. The common car battery will maintain for about 50 amp hours. Battery chargers come in different amps and if you buy a battery charger that is a 10 amp charger it will charge your 50 amp battery, but it will take about 6 hours to do the job. If you try to charge something like a marine battery with a 100 amp capacity it is going to take a little 10 amp charger about 11 or 12 hours to do the job.

If you are buying a charger to keep your battery on a boat, or motorcycle at top charge while then you can buy a smaller charger.

Safety Features

Safety has to be a major concern for us when we are considering a charging system for our automobile. You want a charger that will not injure you or the battery you connect to it. The following features are common on battery chargers, and you should try to buy a charger that has as many of these features as possible.

  • Fully automatic chargers are safest for the battery you will be charging. These systems can sense when the battery has a complete charge and they will not allow the battery to be overcharged. They extend the life of your battery.
  • Reverse polarity prevention. If you connect the wrong cable to the wrong terminal on a battery it can cause dangerous sparks and can possibly cause the battery to explode, or at the very least be damaged. A great safety feature is when the battery charger alerts you to the fact that you have the wrong cable connected to the wrong terminal.
  • Float mode is when the battery charger keeps the battery at a full charge but does not allow the battery to be overcharged. This is a great feature because you can connect the charger and then if you do not go unhook it when the battery is precisely charged you will not damage your battery.
  • Spark proof clamps will prevent dangerous sparks from occurring under your hood if your clamps touch each other. You can call this fire prevention.
  • Some chargers can detect when a battery is not going to be able to hold a full charge because of a sulfate buildup on their plates. This happens often with lead-acid batteries. The chargers sense the problem and can alert you so you can remove the buildup or some of the chargers will attempt to correct the problem for you.

Car Battery Chargers VS Jump Starter

There are both car battery chargers and machines called jump starters available. A jump starter is designed to provide extra cranking amps to your battery in a short time, and a car battery charger is designed to charge your battery so it is at its maximum cranking potential. The following comparison should help you determine whether you need a charger or a jump starter.

Car Battery Charger

  • Can provide full cranking power that can last the number of amp hours your battery is designed to provide
  • They are usually used while you are at home, or while the battery is going to be in one place for an extended period of time
  • Maybe more expensive than a jump starter
  • Usually, have more safety features than jump starters have
  • Maybe larger and bulkier than the jump starters are

Jump Starter

  • Gives instant cranking power that will last about ten to fifteen minutes. These generally are used in emergency situations to provide you enough power to get to a mechanic for advice on why your battery went dead.
  • They are usually smaller than the average battery charger
  • Jump starters are temporary sources of power while chargers provide long-term power

So you should buy a car charger to help you maintain the life of your car battery and you should buy a jump starter to help you provide extra power to a battery in a crisis situation. It is advisable that you have both of these items on hand so you are protected from emergency situations and so you have the ability to do maintenance charging on batteries that may have grown weak, or batteries that may sit for long periods of time between use

Final Note

The best car charger is a device that can maintain the power capacity of any battery that you have. That means they would work for charging the battery on your automobile, your lawn equipment, your watercraft like your jet skis, your snowmobiles, your ATV’s, your fishing boat, and more. You do not want to have to buy a charger for each different type of motorized device you own. You want one that is fully automatic and one that will alert you to system problems like alternators that are not functioning at full capacity.

The best charger for your purposes is one that has the power you need, the safety features you desire and is in a price range that you can afford. Comparison shopping will allow you to find a charging system that fi9ts all of these categories.

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