The 5 Best and Brightest 9005 Bulbs – HB3 Headlight reviews 2021

Are the brightest 9005 bulbs the perfect bulbs for your automobile? Are the best 9005 bulbs brighter than the other bulbs? Do the best HB3 bulbs produce white light?

The HB3 headlight reviews will tell you that the best HB3 bulbs and the 9005 bulbs are the same bulbs, and they are both bright and clear white. What about when you need yellow lights to penetrate fog?

Our experts read the HB3 headlight reviews and said that the reviews were good, but they did not really tell people which bulbs had the best features for their particular needs. People who drive in the cities where there are plenty of street lights do not need the same brightness on their headlights as people who drive down long dark country roads.

5 Best 9005 Bulbs 2021 Reviews

1. Calais Extremely Bright 9005 LED Fog Light Bulb

These bulbs are fog light bulbs that shine a super bright yellow. People who live in close proximities to bodies of water face the dreaded fog coverage. Fog is impenetrable with bright white light. You need a bulb that illuminates a yellow light to be able to have increased vision in the fog.

Each of these bulbs will produce 1000 lumens and the beam is completely adjustable so you can direct it perfectly for your vehicle.

Because these lights are great in humid and foggy situations the manufacturer made sure that they were waterproof. They have an IP68 rating and they are also shockproof.

You can expect the bulbs to perform for you for a total of 50000 hours. This long life span is partially due to the rapid heat dissipation and the aviation grade aluminum on these lights.

They easily install by simply plugging them into the place you just removed your other bulb from. You do not need special tools and you will not have to cut any wires. In less than twenty minutes you can have the new bulbs in place and have light that is 200% brighter than most fog lights produce. More bulb reviews you might also like: Best 194 LED Bulbs and Brightest and Best H4 Bulbs.

2. SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit

When you are considering making the conversion from halogen technology to LED technology it is generally because you are tired of the dim light output that the older technology offers. This SNGL super bright LED headlight conversion kit will take you from being able to see “pretty good” when you drive at night, to being able to see superbly.

The LED lights in this conversion kit have a crystal clear 6000k rating. So you know the light they produce is white. It is impeccable, and it is capable of penetrating the darkest night so you can travel safely.

The brightness of an LED bulb is labeled using lumens, and these bulbs produce a combined force of 12,400 lumens. That is phenomenally bright, even for LED technology. The light will be so bright that it can be projected farther in front of your vehicle, providing you with a better view of what is on the road in the distance.

You will also love that the bright white light of these LD bulbs will not create a glare that momentarily blinds oncoming traffic.

3. Auxbeam – Best 9005 LED Bulb

This Auxbeam 9005 LED headlight conversion kit comes with fantastic features that are beneficial to all drivers. Some of these features include:

  • LED light technology produced by COB-led chips. These chips are reliable and very high quality. You will not have dark spots in the light beam they produce.
  • A 360-degree beam means no shadowy recesses where you can almost see.. you will be able to see everything in clear detail
  • 8000 lumens are produced by the two bulbs. The average amount of lumens per bulb is only 3000 so these bulbs produce a brighter than average light beam. The bulbs in this conversion kit have a 6000k color temperature. That tells you that the light color will be white, not yellow
  • They have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours
  • The bulbs are 36w each
  • Their IP rating is IP65 which means no dust or moisture worries
  • They are constructed out of aviation grade aluminum which means no rust or corrosion worries

The aviation grade aluminum means more heat dissipation and less heat damage to the bulbs. That is the reason for the long lifespan. If you are interested on 9007 models then this is the perfect guide for you: Best 9007 Bulbs and for H7, you may check this out: Best H7 Bulb Reviews

4. Philips 9005 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

We all know that Philips produces high quality, reliable lighting products because they have been in the business of creating lighting products for more than 100 years.

These headlights are sold in a two-pack because you have a more reliable and symmetric source of light when both of your bulbs are the same age. You also do not have one light go out and the other lights keep burning.

When installing new headlight bulbs you should never touch the glass of the bulb with your bare hand.

Wear gloves or use paper towels or cloths to cover your hands so the oils from your skin do not damage the bulbs.

These light bulbs have a blue coating on the glass, but the light they produce is crystal white and clear. The blue coating is actually a component of the bulbs that creates the whiter light.

These lights do not just upgrade your ability to see when driving at night. They also upgrade the appearance of your vehicle because of its new and fresh look.

These bulbs do meet or exceed all lighting requirements set forth by DOT and other agencies.

5. NINEO 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

The Nineo 9005 HB3 bulbs in this all-in-one conversion kit are spectacular for creating bright white light that can illuminate the darkness without causing blinding glare. These bulbs have everything you want from a 9005 HB3 automobile bulb, including

  • Customized CREE chips that create the perfect beams of light
  • They produce 3000 lumens each for a combined total of 6000 lumens
  • They have a color temperature in the white spectrum. This temperature is 6500 kelvins
  • They have a 360-degree adjustable beam angle to provide you the ability to direct the light where you need the light to be. The 360 degrees will provide you with a wider beam of light so more of the roadway is illuminated and fewer details lurk in the shadows
  • They create light that is five times brighter than the light you receive from the common halogen bulbs that come in most cars
  • They are easily installed because they use plug and play technology they dissipate the heat superbly so they are longer lasting. You can expect them to function for about 30000 hours

These bulbs will allow you to drive more safely with less fatigue. Interested on other bulbs for your car? Let’s check two of our other cool reviews: Which are the Best H11 Bulbs on the Market and Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler – Top Pick

A Quick Buying Tips of the Best & Brightest 9005 Bulb

So, what do you think? The bulb having a bright light is the perfect for your car, is it?

Not always! You need to consider some factors before choosing the right 9005 bulbs. Here you go:

  • Road Legal or not – check the pack and read description to confirm this
  • Go for a good brand like Phillips, Auxbeam, SBNL etc.
  • Though most of the manufacturers provide minimum of 1 year of warranty still this is an important factor to consider.
  •   Lumens – that is quality and brightness of your bulb
  • Price – not always go for the cheap one – check all other factors before deciding the price. 


Is Hb3 the same as 9005?

The HB3 bulb is the exact same dimensions as the 9005 bulbs. These bulbs differ from the H11 because the base section of the H11 and HB3 are different.

Is a 9005 bulb high or low beam?

The 9005 bulb is designed for use as a high beam bulb. The bulbs designed to be used as low beam bulbs have caps on them that block the light emitted from the bulb from illuminating straight ahead of the vehicle, like the 9006 bulb.

How many lumens is a 9005 bulb?

There are 2 distinctive 9005 bulbs. The 9005 and the 9005 +30. The 9005 has lumens of 1700 with wattage of 65 and the 9005 +30 has lumens of 1870 with wattage of 55.


The superb lighting abilities of the HB3 or 9005 LED light bulbs are creating safer roads for us to travel on. These bulbs are so great at producing white light that is projected in a wider beam that reaches farther out into the distance that night vision has improved for more than 60% of the drivers.

These bulbs are long-lasting, they require less power to operate, and they can be installed by most people, even when you have to install a conversion kit. The majority of these kits are installed using plug-and-play technology so there is no wiring or wire cutting required.

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