Best ATV Winch for the Money – Expert Reviews in 2022

According to many people, ATV winch is one of the many handy accessories you can buy for your machine. We are not a part of the many people who have that opinion. We understand that serious ATV riders know that the winch is a necessity, not an accessory.

The ATV winch will help you get out of sticky situations, they can help you move large game, things around your property, and they can give you the assurance that even though you have never traveled a trail before you will be able to get to the other end without calling your buddies for help.

According to our panel of experts, the best ATV winches are the ones that are reliable, powerful, easy to operate, and easy to install. The following ATV winches all met the criteria to be considered as “the best”.

Best ATV Winches on The Market – Reviews 2022

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs/1591kg single line pull

Superwinch 1135220 Terra

Before you rush out and purchase an ATV winch you need to make sure that you understand the safety features the different winches have. The Terra series of winches have many valuable safety features. These include:

Mechanical load holding. These features will ensure that the load you are pulling with the winch will not slip or move because of a power surge or a power failure. This can mean that you will be less likely to sustain any injuries while using the winch.

Dynamic braking that causes the drum to stop quickly when you need it to

A sealed solenoid that guarantees you that your winch will work properly no matter what the weather conditions are

Heavy duty latched hook that guarantees that your pulling rope/wire will stay positioned on the object you have it connected to with fewer possibilities of slippage

A rubberized remote that has a 10’ long extension cable that reduces the possibility of shocks and allows you to position yourself a safe distance from the objects being pulled so you stand a lesser chance of obtaining any injuries

This Superwinch Terra 35 also comes with 55’ of steel wire rope that has a diameter of ¼” in conjunction with a four-way roller fairlead that guides the wire rope perfectly so you do not have to worry about nicks, cuts, or entanglements.

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Champion 3000-lb. ATV Wireless Winch Kit

Champion 3000

The Champion 3000-lb winch is made exceptional by the wireless remote it has. If you are within fifty foot of the winch then you can operate the wireless remote. This feature means you can safely be far enough away from the work in progress to not be injured while the winch is working. The remote feature is also capable of powering itself off when it is not in use so it does not drain your battery.

This winch is powerful and quick. When the winch line is pulling the maximum weight amount it can move that weight in 4.3 feet per minute.

If the line has a light load connected or is being wrapped up with no load it is capable of moving 8.9 feet per minute. This winch will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The pulling rope/wire that is connected to this winch is 38 feet of galvanized super-duty aircraft cable. This type of cable is designed to be able to withstand the punishment of being dragged over rough terrain without being damaged, without fraying, and without being compromised at all, so go ahead and use it where rocks, sand, and other harsh items are located.

WARN 93000 ACI Series Electric Winch – 3000 lb. Capacity

This WARN winch is powerful enough to do the job that you need to be done. It is convenient to use because of the handlebar mounted mini rocker switch and the corded remote control, and it has a three-stage planetary gear that provides you with smooth operations at all times.

The 5/16 inch wire rope will guarantee you to have the strength to pull loads without the worries of breaking the rope during the pull. The roller fairlead ensures that the wire rope is wound perfectly and does not tangle or kink during operation.

The mechanical spring brake ensures your safety and the safety of your load. This braking system allows you to control how fast a load is moved and to stop the pulling for a period of time if you need to adjust the load or make any changes.

The WARN 93000 is an excellent winch for all ATV owners. It is a reliable device that is designed to provide smooth pulling and easy lifting so you can have more fun and fewer worries.  The powerful motor on this winch allows you to move up to 3000 pounds without ever putting the winch in a strain. You can use it in any weather because it is encased in a weather resistant housing that protects it from rust and corrosion.

Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Single Line Waterproof Winch for ATV

This Bravex electric 12-volt winch is compatible and perfectly suited for use on ATV’s, UTV’s, plows, and many more vehicles. It is possibly one of the most useful accessories made to pull and move heavy loads.

The remote control for this winch system is very sensitive so it is very easy to operate with one finger. The remote allows you to pull heavy loads without placing yourself in danger of being injured by the load you are pulling, and the wire rope that comes on the winch is strong enough to pull the loads without fraying or snapping in two.

The line speeds of this winch are lightning fast so you do not have to stand around for long periods of time while you are trying to winch your friend out of the mud, or trying to move some obstacle that was blocking your path.

The package comes with the waterproof winch, a control box, 40 foot of wire rope fashioned from stainless steel, a wireless remote control, a wired controller, a four-way roller fairlead, a forged steel tow hook, bolts to connect it and an easy to read the instruction manual.

You do want to take the measurements of the mounting plate and confirm that they will fit onto the ATV or another machine that you want to use the winch on prior to purchasing.

SuperATV 3500 lb. Black Ops ATV Winch with 50 ft. Synthetic Rope

The machine specific mounting plates that come with the SuperATV 3500 lb. Black Ops ATV and UTV winch ensure you that this winch will fit perfectly on your machine without you having to do any retrofitting. It is important to have your winch securely mounted and when the mounting plates are not machine specific then the winch may be tightly secured and then again they can be loose and unreliable.

The wireless remote that operates the winch will allow you to be far enough away from danger, and out of the mud, when you are operating the pulling feature.

The fifty foot of synthetic rope assures that you can reach something stable to hook to if you have to winch your own machine out of the mud.

The rocker switch is versatile and you can mount it under the dash on machines like side by sides or you can mount it on the handlebars of machines like ordinary ATV’s. You can put the rocker switch where it will be convenient for you to access instead of you having to adjust to where it is located.

This winch has a powerful brake that will hold the load in place if you have to stop the pulling for any reason, and it has seals that are weatherproof so you can go ahead and play in the mud, in the rain, or in sandy conditions without worrying about affecting your winch capabilities.

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC winch 3,000lbs/1360kg

You want your ATV winch to be sturdy, rugged, reliable, and ready to work whenever the need arises. The Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV is a winch that you can count on to do the work when work needs doing.

It has a rated line pull of 3000 pounds so you can pretty much move anything that you need to move without any worries. The sealed low amperage 1.2 HP permanent magnet motor is weatherproof so Mother Nature will not interfere with your fun, or with any work, you have to do.

The mechanical and dynamic braking system will assure your safety, and the safety of the loads you are moving with the winch. If you have to stop a pull at any time this braking system will hold the load in position and not allow it to slip and be damaged.

The rocker switch can be easily mounted to the handlebars of your machine so it is easily reached. You also have a handheld remote and a twelve-foot lead cable that you can use to operate the winch so you can get off of the machine and see exactly what is happening with the pull rope as it works. That means you can prevent problems before they occur.

The winch comes with fifty foot of wire rope so you have plenty of rope to reach whatever you need to connect to.

Superwinch (1140220 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch – 4000 lb.

When you need more power and more strength than the average ATV winch offers, you need the Superwinch 1140220 with a 4000 pound load capacity. We know that some ATV machines are larger than average and heavier than average, so some folks require winches that are capable of pulling heavier loads. This is the winch for those people.

You can operate the winch using the rocker switch that you can conveniently position on the handlebars of your machine or using the handheld remote with the twelve-foot lead.

The fifty foot of synthetic rope on the winch will never be subjected to brake heat because the brake is located in the motor so the rope is not too close to the brake. The drums of this winch are not the cheap cast aluminum drums you see on many of the other winches. These drums are made from reinforced steel and it has a 1.4 HP permanent magnet motor that ensures you that you have the power to move any obstacle in your way or get your machine back on solid ground.

You might have to buy a winch mount plate separately to make sure that the winch is properly mounted to the machine that you have.

Features To Consider In Choosing The Best ATV Winches

All Terrain Vehicles are pretty limited if you can not take them places and most definitely unusable if you can not get them out of precarious positions.   To be capable of pulling yourself out of unwanted places, an ATV winch is mandatory.  Consider it part of the sport, or consider it your only way home if you are out and traversing the wild, wild terrain.

Depending on the size of your ATV, there is a winch made for you.  An all-terrain vehicle is designed to go ‘where no man has gone before’ and although a winch is described as an accessory, it actually should be portrayed as a necessity.  There are many different kinds of winches with tons of different options.  So which one is right for you and your ATV?


Winches PULL things horizontally so when the ATV becomes immovable or stuck, you can attach the winch to a secure stable object, such as a tree and pull the ATV back into the safe and maneuverable territory.

Power Resource

Most winches come with a power source for simple operation.  DC models use rechargeable 12-volt batteries while AC models use a 120 volt AC cord and an electrical supply for power.  Seems that the DC model is the one that is needed in the bush.  Most winches can be hand operated as the last resort.

Strength of Pull

Find out the weight of your particular ATV and double that amount for determining the rate of line pull

Mounting Capability

Winches are usually mounted either on the front or the back of the ATV.  Dealers suggest that you determine where the solenoid is located and mount the winch near it because it will be wired directly to the solenoid. How Do You Attach the Load You Are Trying To Pull


The most important factor when using the winch is safety.  Safety depends on how well the winch is designed for the task at hand.  There are three different modes for attaching a load to the ATV.

Shackle – Using the cable hook to attach loads with the cable, chain or looped ended straps.

Sling or load strap – Secure the sling to the tree for instance and then attach the cable hook to the sling.  The sling or strap will come in handy when you are having to use a strangely shaped object.

Snatch block – Using the pulley inside a metal case (snatch block) you can increase the pulling power and reduce the actual stress on the drum cable.  It acts as a ‘come along’.

Line Speed

The gears in the winch control how quickly the line comes off the cable drum.  There are two different kinds of gear trains.

Worm gear train – This is a slow speed, hence the name ‘worm’.  With only two gears, it limit’s the amount of friction produced so the heat level is less which will in the long term prolong the life of the winch.

Planetary gear train – Multi-geared train which allows for more speed. Conversely, to the worm gear, the planetary gear creates more heat and will, in turn, lessen the life of the winch.  But, sometimes it is necessary to get the job done fast, such as in the case your ATV has met a destructible fate such as deep water.


There are two kinds of cable used with the ATV winch.

Steel cables – normally selected for planetary gear trains because they are capable of holding up to the amount of friction producing heat.   There is a danger to using steel cables as they can fray and be a nuisance if you handle it incorrectly.  If it snaps the recoil can cause considerable damage to your ATV not to mention your impressionable and easily damaged body.

Synthetic cables – actually stronger than steel but can be distressed and weakened if they slide across anything sharp.

When choosing an ATV winch, be sure to speak to an expert who might be able to give you some insight into what you are needing.  Always read the manual before trying to attach the ATV winch and remember it is paramount to learn about all the safety issues involved before using.

Winch Accessories for Winter Off-Roading

Once you have chosen the winch that is right for you and you have properly installed it, you will want to turn your thoughts towards winch accessories. The winch is a handy, off-road addition to your ATV especially if you will be spending time off road during the winter.

The winter months provide some great opportunity for fun outdoor activity, but without the right tools and accessories, winter off-roading can actually be dangerous. There are a few items that will increase your enjoyment and ease of using your winch this winter as well as help keep you safe in the snow and ice.

Before reading out the detail about accessories, let’s watch this video of how to install ATV winch:


Synthetic winch ropes are an important addition to your ATV toolbox. Ropes have a great little tendency to just disappear or get misplaced. This is why it is important to have a good stock of winch ropes so that you do not get caught in a bad situation.

Ropes and rope accessories come in a lot of different amounts and lengths. Our synthetic winch rope kits will help you make sure you have all of your winch rope needs met before you head out.

Winch Control Kits

There are a few different ways to activate and control your winch once it has been installed. One of the easiest ways to operate your new winch is with one of the top-rated remote winch control kits. These kits allow you the ability to control your winch via remote up to 75’ away.

Most of these remote kits include a wireless keychain remote that can go anywhere you can go. This is a winch accessory that not only makes off-roading more convenient but could in the case of an injury; also add to your chances of getting yourself out of a bad situation.

Winching Tools

Winching tools are really a must if you plan to spend a good deal of time off-roading this winter. Having the right tools at the right time can mean the difference between an awesome day off road, or getting stranded in the snow in the middle of winter.

Different brands offer several complete winching tool kits that will include everything you need to keep your winch working properly. Many of these kits also include tree straps and snatch blocks which will complete your necessary winch accessories.

Winch Covers

Winch covers are a nice addition because a good quality Neoprene cover will protect your newly installed winch from damaging rain, debris or moisture from snow and ice. These are all hazards when off roading in the winter. Keeping the winch protected and clean will ensure its functionality for many seasons to come.

Winch Maintenance

Depending on your specific needs, a good winch company offers several other products which will help keep your winch running smoothly and ensure that your off-roading experiences this winter are both enjoyable and safe.

Final Note

The best ATV winch is one that is powerful enough that it will easily move your machine if you get stuck in the mud, or in a predicament while riding off-road.

It is a winch that has a powerful motor, is weather proof, has a strong braking system so it holds the load even in the event of a power surge or power interruption, and it is a winch that has a remote control that you can operate so you do not have to stand beside the machine when you are pulling it out of a hazardous situation.

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