The 10 Best 9007 Bulbs – Brightest HB5 Headlight Review 2021

In order to determine what the best 9007 bulbs were our experts told us that we first had to understand what these bulbs are and what HB5 headlights do.

The experts explained that the 9007 (and HB5) are headlight bulbs that have a PX29T base and two filaments. The two filaments allow for the operation of both the high beams and low beams of the traditional headlight assembly.

They also explained that these bulbs did have different features like color variations, wattages, and such, that cause a person to like one particular bulb more than they like another one. They selected the following bulbs as examples of variations in great HB5 bulb selections.

Best 9007 Bulb 2021 Reviews 

SYLVANIA ZXE 9007 Lumens – Best 9007 Headlight Bulbs

SYLVANIA ZXE 9007 Lumens – Best 9007 Headlight Bulbs

These are not just headlight bulbs. These are not the average halogen bulb that you are used to using. The SilverStar zXe Gold high performance headlight bulbs from Sylvania are the absolute best bulb to use in place of an average HID bulb. The latest halogen gas technology, Xenon, has allowed Sylvania to create a headlight bulb that outshines the competition.

These bulbs are durable and long lasting. You will get about 125 hours of continuous light from them.

These bulbs produce the maximum white light available. The white light is created by a high color temperature. These bulbs have a higher than average color temperature because they have been coated using the cobalt blue nano-coating.

These bulbs are certified to be compliant with DOT regulations and are 100% legal. They provide you with the best light source for night driving, and they look better on your vehicle.

They give you all of the perks without you spending all of the money.

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SYLVANIA – 9007 SilverStar Ultra – Brightest 9007 Headlight Bulbs

SYLVANIA – 9007 SilverStar Ultra – Brightest 9007 Headlight Bulbs

When you drive at night you want to have the brightest headlights possible. You want headlights that project a beam as far in front of your vehicle as possible. You want a headlight that will illuminate the side of the roadway so you can see potential hazards sooner. You want the 9007 SilverStar Ultra manufactured by Sylvania.

If you are still using a standard 9007 bulb you will increase the amount of light your headlights can produce by switching to these ultimate night vision bulbs. 

If you drive in areas that do not have street lights then you will be increasing the distance you can see, and you will increase the brightness of the light beam your headlights produce.

These bulbs produce a bright white light, and if you meet an oncoming car on the road the light will have less glare so the other driver will be able to see better.

Philips 9007 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

Philips 9007 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

If you want to add more style to the look of your vehicle, and want to increase the light your headlights can provide, then you need these Philips 9007 CrystalVision bulbs. These bulbs have a blue coating that aide in their production of bright white light. On the end of the bulbs there is a blue cap. The blue cap increases the style and appearance of your vehicle.

The light produced by these bulbs is clear white. It has less glare than light emitted by the standard bulbs so you are able to see better when driving in inclement weather, and the other drivers on the road can see better when you approach them.

These bulbs do not have the yellow tinge that standard halogen bulbs often produce. They also do not have the blue glare that some LED bulbs can emit. They are 100% street legal and will make you safer when you drive.

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Aukee H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

Aukee H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

Each of these headlight bulbs produces 5,000 lumens, so you get 10,000 lumens from the pair. The normal LED light bulb designed for use in an automobile produces only 3000 lumens.

In order to make the lumens of these bulbs more productive for the driver the conversion kit allows you to focus the headlight assembly so that the beam of light is pronounced greater in the forward stream and large amounts of the light is not lost in other areas.

These bulbs are expected to have a service lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. That amount of time is equivalent to about 34 years of service.

Each of the bulbs is a 25 watt so together you get 50 watts from these bulbs.

The color temperature of the lights is rated at 6000 kelvins so the light they produce does not have a yellow tinge to it, it is pure, clean, white light.

The light bulbs are easily installed in less than twenty minutes, and you do not have to cut any wires to make the installation. They are also waterproof, rainproof, shock resistant, vibration resistant, and have over-heat protection built in.

Kensun HID 9007 (9004) (HB5) Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Kensun HID 9007 (9004) (HB5) Xenon Replacement Bulbs

The majority of all vehicles will easily accept these replacement bulbs as simple plug and play accessories. In less than twenty minutes the majority of people will have these bulbs installed and be on their way.

The box contains two of the 9007 Bi-Xenon HID Xenon bulbs and the required relay harness. You can quickly and easily upgrade the stock Halogen or LED low beam lights you have been using to these super bright, ready to illuminate the night, bulbs that come in a wide variety of neon colors.

These lights produce a light beam that is three times brighter than the light beams produced by the average halogen bulb. They also use 80% less power while they are creating this greater amount of light.

It only takes a 23,000 volt charge to ignite the gas inside the glass chamber, and once ignited the light remains on because of the 12 volt power it receives via the ballast that is connected to your automobile battery.

These lights produce a nice white light that you can count on.



Two bulbs come in this package. It is recommended by all automobile experts that you change both of your headlight bulbs at the same time so you have equal amounts of light being distributed on each side of the vehicle.

These light bulbs produce 8000 raw lumens. That is 4000 lumens per bulb. The high ratio of lumens tells you that the lights have incredible brightness and are capable of distributing light for a long distance.

The bulbs are rated with 6500 kelvins. Kelvins are the measure of the color temperature of the light. Often people think that the higher number of kelvins indicates a higher density of brightness, but the kelvins actually depict the hue or coloration of the light that is produced.

  • 3000k is yellow
  • 3000k is yellow
  • 4300k is bright white but has a hint of yellow
  • 6000k produces bright white
  • 8000k is white with a hint of blue
  • 10000k is light blue
  • 12000k is a deeper shade of blue
  • 30000k is a purplish or violet color

The 1st generation COB LED chips assure you light beams without dark spots.

Philips 9007 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb

Philips 9007 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb

The Philips 9007 VisionPlus upgrade headlight bulb will provide you with 60% more visibility that you get when you use the bulbs that meet the standard minimum legal requirements for headlight bulbs in automobiles certified to be driven on the highway.

These headlight bulbs do meet all of the Department of Transportation requirements, but they go above and beyond those requirements in the amount of light they produce.

Philips has been manufacturing headlight bulbs for more than 100 years and they used their experience, and their customer feedback from those 100 years to create light bulbs that have superior quality in material and craftsmanship. These bulbs enhance your ability to see at night and in dim light so they increase your safety.

These bulbs are easy to install but it is recommended that you hold the glass portion of the bulb with paper covering your hand, or you wear gloves while installing so the oils from your skin do not interfere with the bulb.

HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit-9007(HB5)

HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit-9007(HB5)

This Hikari headlight conversion kit is designed to take your automobile and make it easier and safer to operate in dim light situations. When we drive in dim lighting situations our eyes become tired and we tend to blink them more often and to keep the lids closed for a longer period of time when we are blinking.

The 9600 lumens these bulbs produce will provide you with enough bright light while you are driving that your eyes do not become so fatigued, and you are more alert and able to react to all driving obstacles.

The bulbs have a color temperature of 6000k so that tells you that the light they produce is brilliant white or clear white and does not have yellow or blue tints to it. This also means that the light will be less glaring and will be less obtrusive to oncoming drivers.

These lights are designed to remain cooler and to cool off quicker so they last longer than the traditional bulbs you have used before. Hikari also put copper in place of the customary aluminum of the bulbs because the copper is less responsive to heat and cools quicker.

Cougar Motor 9007 LED Headlight Bulbs

You can be confident in the purchase of the Cougar Motor 9007 Led headlight bulbs all in one conversion kit. You can be confident that these bulbs:

  • They will create the perfect beam and you will not see dark spots or shadows in the beam
  • Are 30 watts each and 60 watts per pair
  • That they are capable of producing a bright white light that improves clarity and visibility for you.
  • They have a color temperature rating of 6000 kelvins
  • They will last for about 50,000 hours
  • That they have a turbo fan that keeps them cooler than ordinary lights
  • They are 200% brighter than the original halogen bulbs
  • The pair of lights produces as many as 7200 lumens
  • They have an adjustable beam pattern
  • They are water proof and will work even if they are under water. The housing and fan of the lights will operate even under the most extreme conditions.
  • They are shock proof

These bulbs are capable of providing you the ultimate amount of light for the darkest driving hours.

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs

The Hikari Ultra LED headlight bulb conversion kit will allow you to have the next generation of LED headlight bulbs on your vehicle. The latest technology has allowed Hikari to develop an amazingly slim bulb that is only 0.8 mm. That is the same thickness that the filament of your traditional halogen bulb is.

You will also be getting the best beam pattern available from LED bulbs. The beam pattern created by these bulbs is closer to the beam you are used to getting from your halogen bulbs because of the high quality LED chips used in the design and manufacturer. 

You will not have dark or shadowy spots but will have a bright, white beam of light to lead you down the road.

These bulbs produce 6,000 lumens each and provide the maximum lux at an incredible 23 feet. That makes the light beam they produce 270% brighter than the light from traditional halogen bulbs.

How to Choose The Best 9007 Bulbs

The Bulb Type

The 9007 bulb can be found in Halogen, HID, or LED varieties. The type of bulb makes a difference in the light emitted and the longevity of the bulb.

  • Halogen bulbs are the cheapest bulbs to manufacture and they have a life expectancy of about 1000 hours of illumination. A Halogen bulb is capable of producing about 1400 lumens.
  • HID bulbs are also called Xenon bulbs. They are high intensity discharge devices. They are generally more effective and efficient than a halogen bulb because of the bright light they can emit. The HID bulbs can produce around 3000 lumens and have a life expectancy of about 2,000 hours, or twice what a halogen bulb life expectancy is
  • The LED bulbs produce a sharp light that has little glare associated with it. They have their own cooling systems and this increases their life expectancy to 10,000 hours or even more. They are small and consume very little energy.

The Wattage of the Bulb

The wattage of a bulb tells you how much energy the bulb will need to create the number of lumens it is designed to create. You can find headlight bulbs that require as few as 36 watts, but the most prominent wattages are 55 and 65.

The Lumens Produced

The different 9007 bulbs can produce varying lumens. A lumen is a determination of how bright the light is that the bulb can produce. The bulbs with higher lumen outputs are bulbs that are producing brighter light.

The Life Expectancy

Each different brand and manufacturer of the 9007 bulbs design their bulbs to have different life expectancies. If you see that a bulb from one manufacturer is a lot higher in price check the life expectancy of the 2 bulbs to see if the higher priced bulb is not designed to last longer.


9007 headlight bulb fits what vehicle?

The 9007 bulb provides illumination for both the high beams and low beans on a wide variety of automobiles. You will need to consult your owner’s manual to see if the 9007 is suggested for your vehicle.

Are 9007 and 9004 bulbs interchangeable?

The 9007 bulbs and the 9004 bulbs are the same size, and they look very similar but they are not the same. The bulbs are wired differently so the 9004 cannot be used in place of a 9007. The wires that connect to the high beam and low beam circuits are not in the same position in the two bulb types.


The 9007 or HB5 LED lights are a real improvement over the traditional halogen bulbs that many of us know so well. Many people who dread driving at night because they say they are night blind and they fear that they will be in an accident, are pleasantly surprised when they discover that these bulbs produce brighter, whiter light that allows you to drive at night with the same confidence you have during the day.

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