Automotive Winch: A Vehicle Recovery System

The winch on your vehicle may go unused for long periods of time, but when you get in a bind your winch may be the only thing that saves you. A winch means that you can drive on off-road adventures, and that you can help out others who may be a stick, and that you can use your vehicle to move, pull, and tow a lot of items.

Automotive winches come in different styles and types, but each of them is destined to be a beneficial tool. A winch exerts enough force that it can move one object towards another object via a rope or cable connection.

Winch Varieties

An automotive winch can be electrical, mechanical drum style, mechanical capstan style, mechanical hand-operated, hydraulic, or mechanical portable. These are the seven winch styles. The style of winch you have will determine what you can do with that device.

Car trailer winch

A car trailer winch is designed to help you load a vehicle onto the trailer. The vehicle you are loading may be functional or not. The power of the winch will pull the vehicle onto the trailer so if the functionality of the car you are loading is of minor importance.

These winches can be powered by an electric motor or they can be mechanical winches that are hand-powered. They can be attached to the bumper of the vehicle or they can be attached to the trailer.

You must check the rated line pull to ascertain if the winch you are buying will be able to handle the weight of a vehicle. The rated line pull it the utmost amount of weight the winch can move in a safe manner. This weight limit will be listed in pounds.

ATV winch

The typical ATV winch mounts to the vehicle to help pull the vehicle out of sticky, or muddy situations. These winches normally have controls that are mounted on the handlebars of the ATV. Some of them have remote controls so you can stand away from the danger zone when you are pulling or lifting a heavy object.

These winches may have steel cables or ropes that attach the winch to the object you wish to move. If you are getting out of a sticky situation you can attach the winch to a stationary object like a tree or pole a winch your ATV towards that stationary object.

Synthetic rope is strong and you will have fewer chances of being injured if you choose rope over cable. The cable is strong and usually lasts longer than synthetic rope. 

UTV Winch 

The UTV or side-by-sides are a little larger than the common ATV and require a slightly larger winch because of that extra size and weight. The UTV winches are basically the same as the ATV winches but they normally have a heavier rated line pull.

Come Along Winch

The come-along is a simple hand powered winch that can help you move objects far too heavy for you to move. The come along connects the object you need to move to a stationary object, like a tree, and pulls the movable object in the direction of the stationary object when you work the lever.

The come-along winch has a ratchet that you work to pull heavy objects toward a stationary object. These are old fashioned pulling winches that are still found very useful, and beneficial today.

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